Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dodging Bullets!

Life in the World of Hightower is a bit slow.....No great adventures.
Roy has quit hunting until the 18th. He getting his stand ready in the mean time. He and his buddy worked all day Sunday on their stands...That buddy helped Roy load up those last two deer and that was all it took for the Buddy to get BuckFever!
Later....Roy was reclined on the couch, deep in thought as I watched TV....Out of the blue he said, "Hunting is better than sex!"
"Have you lost your mind???? You are so full of shit!"

Needin' to dig his way out this hole he has just opened up........he knows who butters his bread!
This is not the first time he has fell into that hole.....he knows he needs to think quickly.....once as he was watching the PlayboyChannel....Thinking OUTLOUD, "Those are THE most PERFECT boobs, EVER!"
I looked down at my NOT SO PERFECT BOOBS...."What makes the perfect boobs?"
"AAAAAaahhhh.....I mean fake ones...those are perfect fake ones.....she got a bargain!"

So back to the Current slip of the lip....."AAAaaaahhhhh....Hunting lasts way longer that sex!"

He can't pin that on me........And One More Bullet...Dodged!!!

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