Saturday, September 29, 2007


Davy Crockett...King of the Wild Frontier.....

Black Powder Season opens Saturday!!
For Deer Hunters that means something...for the rest of's a break from cranky old bastards that have been trouncin' on my last nerve for the last 4 days!!!

Roy is still beggin' and scrappin' for his behavior over the weekend.
But none the less, He is goin' hunting Saturday with his muzzle loader and hunt deer just like Davy Crockett....I don't think it's a flintlock but it's an old style gun....or is it Daniel Boone???
Most blackpowder hunters have a modern muzzle loader that looks like a regular rifle.
Roy is a bit more conventional...he is downright too Republican for my own good!!!
He fires that thing and it looks just like those old guns with the smoke risin' from it....he is very proud of it!
I honestly, don't know a whole hell of a lot about it......but this is what was said this am:
As Roy was gettin' dressed, "The boys can't believe I still use 50 caliber rounds balls with my blackpowder. You can't find them just anywhere!"

"WooHoo!!! A trip to Bass Pro!! You need those. Ohhh wait, we can't do that by Saturday. Rats!" I gave an effort to be supportive....don't be fooled....a trip to Bass Pro means I get to go to the Mall!!!!!
Roy is still deep in thought, "I have round balls!"
I nearly choked on my oatmeal trying to squelch it!!!
"Honey, I beg to differ. They're more egg shaped."

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