Friday, October 26, 2007

Cat Rodeo...

It's a lot like CatNascar but the cats involved are freaked smooth out!!!

Roy was left alone to gather everyone up to bring over to CatCamp....he will never be left alone to do it again. The older cats.....HIS CATS....Scooter, Monster, and George went right in the cage for transport. But the kittens....MY CATS.....Manny, Jax, and Woobie were no where to be found!! He found them hidin' under the bathtub....we have a claw footed tub.....he couldn't coax them out with canned cat food either!!
He kept callin' me to give me blow by blow details of the Rodeo.
He had to move a couch.
He had to shuffle pillows.
He had to get on the floor with the flyswatter to scare them out.
He had to shut the bathroom door.
He had to chase them around the kitchen.
He had to dig them out from under the desk.
He had to wrassle them to get them in the cage.
By this time, HIS CATS were freaked smooth out!! He had let them go to maybe plead the others out from under the tub but forgot to put them up before the Rodeo started so......they all were freaked smooth out!!!
Well, George wasn't!
George walked out of one cage and into a carrier as if to say "GET ME OUTTA THIS NUTHOUSE!!"

Roy walks into the clinic and states,"I don't think ANY of us will EVER be calm again!"

Day 1 of CatCamp.....Every one is back there just as quiet and calm as can be!!

Well, George isn't....He's makin' squirrel noises....he likes CatCamp!

Take it easy and I'll be back around the 7th!!


MizAngie said...

GRRRR! You're on the beach with a Corona right now - I can feel it in my bones! Bitch. You'll be on the only heifer in Oklahoma with a suntan (except for the fake-bakers). Hope you're havin' a blast and getting some well-deserved R&R. I'll miss ya til the 7th!

Anonymous said...

Sounds crazy!!


Gina said...

Cat rodeo, hehe. Doesn't sound as much fun as laying on the beach!! Have fun, miss you!

Proto said...

Have a great trip.

Dawn said...

can't wait to hear all about your trip...

Katy said...

I did something drastic while you were gone!!!


MizAngie said...

(1) I can't wait til you get back to find out what the drastic thing Katy did was.

(2) Hate that you're gonna get back just in time to rub my nose in my Aggie's loss to your Sooners. Of all frickin' games to be on national television. I anticipate huge shame and embarrassment. Damn Francione!!! Let me go ahead and bow to the OK superiority, but must add "we'll be back!"

(3) Can't wait to hear about your trip. (Hearing Elvis and "Blue Hawaii" in my head.)

MizAngie said...

Wow. The massacre wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Francione should give Stoops a b.j. because he could have totally embarrassed fran but didn't.

Miss you!!