Monday, October 01, 2007

Bow Hunting...He's the Real Deal!!

Bow Season opened Sunday...I am now a hunting widow!
It is 93 frickin' degrees out there and Roy's out hunting!!
He wouldn't be becuz of the heat....kill something with a bow and arrow, and the flies find it before you do!
But He likes to keep things stirred and the land he hunts on is owned by a good friend but the friend's brother HATES Roy with a PASSION!!
"He shoots everything!" Wah Wah Wah!!!
Big Freakin' Baby!!
The Man can't help it if he is good at it! He takes it very serious! And in the past tagged out on opening day...both a buck and a doe in the same day....then he is done! How is that shooting EVERYTHING??!
He was out there Sunday at 4:30....after going to the concert with me!! We didn't get to bed until Midnight.
It was dark with no moon and he found is way to the tree stand and was ready for when the sun came up.
When it did.....he discovered he was in the middle of a turkey roost!!!
Later, a doe and two yearlings came up and he took the oppurtunity to take the doe out....Yes, Bambi's mother! She and her babies ran off...and then they came back like nothing ever happened! Roy was confused but didn't reshoot, thinkin' there is no way he missed her. He decided that was a second set of Momma and Babies.
Good thing he didn't shoot again!!
He found his doe later. Checked her in at 88 pounds....he leaves the innerds in the woods....Not every hunter does and their deer weigh in heavier at Check-In.
We do our own butchering. She is cooling in the fridge!
And Monday evening he went back out with the intent of getting one of those turkeys!
I have a nice hen in the freezer!!
The Mighty Hunter!!
The Spirit of the Wild runs deep in those veins!!!

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