Wednesday, October 10, 2007

BBW...That's What I Thought!!

I have a friend that calls me BBW....not for reasons that you think.....although....I'll get to that in a minute.

In regards, to InternetFlirting and being "hit on"....In my book, huge difference. I flirt.
I have not asked or woman to met me.....Nor has anyone asked me to met them......Pictures, yes but face to face...NO.
Oddly enough....MzJean only lives 20 minutes from me. But I respect her privacy. I would love to meet some of the bloggers....some day.
I adore the friends I have made....And the list is long......I'm not ready to step out side the closet just yet!

Back to BBW......The first time I saw it, I thought "Oh how cute, there is another BBW!! I wonder if we are twinkies?" It's a wonder how the BlondeBrain truly is....disengaged most of the time!
And then I thought, "What if it also stands for Big Beautiful Woman?"
Okay....I'm not that of me.
Then I'm thinkin', "Or what if it's Beautiful Black Woman?"
Okay....but I'm just freckled.

MzAngie said "Big Boobed Woman".....that would work!

MzYvette added "Big Butt Woman"....That fits like a glove....Fat Bottom Girls Rule!!

Back before YaYaSisters....before BangerSisters.....or the SisterhoodofthePantswhateverthingy.....There was a group of girls that was called TheWienieSisters....and it has nothin' to do with penis or penis envy.....we were just being silly girls.

There was several of us, we played softball, camped, shoplifted, and rode horses together. But I was closer to three of them that the rest. Only one of those I still have contact died and one is just so outta touch that it's....just not something I want to go into.....but the one, she calls me BBW.....BettyBoopWienie.

I told you it was silly girl stuff!

But I pose for pictures. I don't just stand there stock still and smile.....that is just so borrrrrin'!!

Hands in the air....or a Leg cocked....or a skirt raised....lots of cleavage.....whatever to STANDOUT!!!! I was very plain compared to the others.
And I still "Boop it up" in photos now...somethings you don't grow out of...only your GloriaVanderbilt jeans....that were size 2!! And I couldn't get my left boob in my FFA Jacket now if I had too!!

What I miss most of all about being a teenager is the slumber parties!!! We had lots of sleepovers. It was like a traveling party. One weekend at my house....the next at someone else's.

What is your best sleepover....or slumber party memory?

See isn't it a wonder how the BlondeBrain works....we start out with BBWs and it wanders off to slumber parties!


Beth said...

Alrighty, who am i to dissappoint you , we made plans this morning to take off for the day SUnday and go to a corn maze, pumpkin patch and apple orchard :

Should be fun and i will be sure to take tons of photos !!! Then the next weekend its off to Octoberfest for three days !!!!!!

Produceman said...

Hi Nadine! Just saw on my Space that you updated and thought I'd say hi. Long time no talk to. I haven't been blogging due to time constaints. Hope all is well with you. PMPM

T_B_N said...

My best slumber party is yet to come.

Hey, I'm not hitting on you.

Proto said...

Best transition of the day.

Yvette said...

Don't remember any of my slumber parties but remember vividly my teenager daughter and her very bad friends. Mooning the vehicles - thank god it was nighttime and they didn't have much ass to show.

mannyed said...

Probably the time all of us stayed up the entire night and crashed after Dawn. It was pretty funny watching all of us catch our second wind; and third; and fourth.

MizAngie said...

Childhood: Big slumber party when every girl in our class was invited and actually attended. We all had a blast.

Later: Six of us girls from work all got together when the married ones' husbands went deer hunting. We got drunk as skunks and decided to go to the XXX drive-in theater. (Two of us had never been.) It seemed like a good idea at the time but then we were drunk AND horny. Ha!! So we drank more and ate chocolate...