Sunday, September 02, 2007

What Goes Around.....

Last week, on my way to work I hit a bird.
I felt real bad.
And I didn't mean to do it.
The bird was chasin' a bug and I thought it flew outta the way but when I looked back there was a big lump on the ground.....Bummer!!!

So I have been goin' outta my way to not hit anything else!!

I have to drive thru a park every day. So there are lots of animals runnin' all over the place....mostly day it looked like a squirrel convention!!
The ground was movin'........with squirrels!!! You had to see it...there musta been hundreds!!

There is this one squirrel, he watches for me!
I can see him sittin' on the side of the road and just as I approach he runs to the middle of the lane. He does that little squirrel know the one! He does several push ups and spin moves that would make MCHammer envious.....all the while he watches me!! By now I am slowin' down!
He has a glint in his eye as he does his signature move...."I'm goin' left! I'm goin' left! Nope right!! Psyche!!!!! I'm goin' left!!!!"
I'm the middle of the park.....watchin' and waitin' for the next big move!!
And he runs for the middle of the road!!!
I swear to you he has his tongue stuck out at me!!!

Then he runs off the trees!!
This game has happened twice!!!

This mornin' when Roy and I were comin' home from town....we watched that squirrel do wonderous things to cross the road while dodgin' two cars!! One goin' north and one goin' south!! It looked like he did cartwheels under the Dodge and run under the Chevy....all the way to the tree!!!
I was screamin' the whole time, "Don't run over MY SQUIRREL!!"

Roy just shakes his head, "Your not right, are you?"


mannyed said...

I bet that squirrel's name is Earl.

MizAngie said...

Does he have really huge, er, nuts?

Whatever happened to ol' Earl? Did he go private?

Proto said...


Sherrie said...

LOL @ Mizangie's question. He must have big nuts to play chicken with you lady!!!!

dawn said...

hee hee...