Monday, September 10, 2007

OH MY GOD!!!!!

I have come from under the rock......and am out in the longer in the cave that is dial-up!!!!!
I have spent most of the day catchin' up with blogs....not many comments but I have read every one's blog!
Just a second.........
Why don't people just leave me I the only person in town that sells pet products...geez!!!
Then.....I found YOU TUBE!!!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!
I am so thrilled!!!

48 days to my vacation!!!!
Only 24 days until my mini-vacation....the BossMan's goin' huntin'!
I have had a few conversations with the couple that will be on the same cruise as us. She is totally excited and can't wait to go...him....not so much. He said just point him the direction of the bar and he'll be happy!
Roy has flip flopped on what to do in Grand Cayman.
He will not go see the stingrays.
And he will not para-sail!!
Until I got him good and drunk....he agreed to see the stingrays. He said "Whatever you want to do, Baby!"
"Really Really!"
"Oh good! Becuz I really want to do the para-sailing thing!"
Ready the video cameras!! This gal's goin' up!!

We went to a weddin' on Saturday. The MerryWidow told me to not drink too much and make an ass of myself....As If!!!
Why would she think that???
Roy was a bit concerned...not that I would drink too much....but that it was to be held at a Catholic church. There is a certain protocol that must be observed, he said....I'm totally clueless. We never get invited to weddings....4 in 13 years!
I am glad we went. It looked like they had invited several people but only family showed up.
Sad really.
To go to all that expense and nobody comes....we didn't even stay for the reception. I put the card on the table and we left....IT WAS ONLY FAMILY!!!
I felt like Owen Wilson!!! I was crashin' a weddin'!!
And another thing.....I think the wedding photos should be done before the wedding or the day before or something....Talk about a shift in the momentum!
All love and hugs and then nothing!
Wait around.....FOR-FUCKIN-EVER for the photos to be taken!!!
And I didn't notice a huge difference in Catholic weddings to Baptist weddings.....aside from a little crossin' of oneself.....And that other side....the bride's side....kept sayin' something I couldn't make out......It wasn't Amen.
The priest would say "let us pray..." and I bowed my head and then peeked around....nobody else did!! Fiddled with my shoe so as not seem like an idiot....I can only fiddle with it so many times....he kept sayin' it over and over!!!
I am so thankful I eloped! I would have been so pissed to have bought all those little smokies and nobody showed up!

Kinda like have a webpage and nobody knows it! So I'm off to watch more YouTube!


cathy said...

Hi there, you have to talk Roy into swimming with the stingrays, my gf and her family just came back and the photo's were awesome. Para sailing is another story don't know if I could do it :( Don't work to hard,

Proto said...

Just now getting to youtube? So you missed the whole lonelygirl15 stuff that ran for the past year or more? It was a great play, start at episode 1 from

jeankfl said...

I learned all that when I was in Catholic Nursing school!! We had to go to all those masses.. I know you'll have a great time..I'd love to try parasailing.. I'd probably have to get pretty lit first, to talk myself into going up!! Isn't UTube great?? You can find almost anything on there..and some of them are so funny! You can find foreign commercials, too...and they are hysterical!! Have a great week!

mannyed said...

Oh you should've told me you were going to a wedding in a catholic church, I would have given you the low down. :o)

You should've stayed for the reception - the bride and groom obviously wanted you there. But I understand how you might've felt uncomfortable.

mannyed said...

ps...parasailing is great! I did it when I was in Daytona.

MizAngie said...

Poo! I'm with Roy on the swimming with stingrays thing. Just ask the Crocodile Hunter about that! Yech.

Catholic services seem so elegant, but boring. I mean, they don't speak in tongues, kill live chickens, bite the heads off snakes, get the Holy Spirit, or NOTHIN'. {yawn}

You shoulda gone to the reception. The GREAT thing about Catholic receptions? They have booze right there in the Church basement!

Beth said...

you get a little high speed internet and you are out of control !!!!!!!!!! Hey i want to parasail too !!!The pictures of Cathys husband Gary doing that looked like alot of fun .

big dog mom pam said...

I promise I won't use Dawn on the puppies. I've used the cheap stuff in the past and ended up with a HUGE flea problem. Only buy the good stuff from the vet. Hey it works so I can't complain. Saw the article on the web and wondered if it was as big a scam as the garlic tablets that I heard about once . . . .

Deborah said...

Parasailing is the best thing I ever did, (well besides drag racing). Tell Roy it's like being on Valium up there. I was never so relaxed! It was beautiful, and the only sound is the wind in your ears.

-ksgrrl said...

Yesterday I watched all of the Bod Squad episodes. You might know them. Those 30-second to 1-minute cartoons on Saturday mornings in the 1970s and 80s that promoted health like "Don't Drown Your Food!" and "Time for Timer". Ha.

Sherrie said...

So.......uhm........I wanna go swimmin' with the stingrays!!! Pick me pick me!