Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nice Relaxin' Mornin'....


I wanted to take a break from all the research for the HI-War-Ya Trip....after 4 days of it, it all runs together.
Every island has a North Shore....go figure!! I am sooooo confused!! ProtoFord has been a big help....NO HIKING!
I do not want to sweat nor cause an old Lady to have a heart attack!!

And all the town names look alike to me!!
Wailaiawolului...I made that up!!
But that is what I see!!!
They are not phonetically sounded out like the Indian names are....Hawaii....O'ahu...OH wa who. Maui...Mau wee...what???

Indian name.......Cooweescoowee...COO WEE Scoo Wee....see the difference?? You can't even screw up the spellin' of it!!

Pu' uhonua o Honaunau...I didn't make that up....and I have no clue as to how to say that....and it's gonna be fun tryin' to with my dumbass Okie accent!!!

Muskogee....Mus kO Gee....see....EASY!!! Okie From Muskogee!!

And for the RECORD...MY AM HUH....That is how the Miami Indian Tribe has said it since the dawn of time...not MY AM EEE!!!
Get it right when in Oklahoma....Oak La Homa...Easy Squeasy!!
That Idiot from USC...every time I see him, the Trojan Fight song rings in my head.....and The MerryWidow are gonna cause an upraisin' if they don't quit it!!
It's My-Am-Huh!!
But what do I care, I'm Cherokee...Chair O Kee!

For those that don't know about the Alaska Cruise...I hope this works...
Alaska Cruise
Part 2
Venting Part 3

If'll have to look up Trippin'....sorry but I still like this better than MSN!!
Every time I go over to leave comments, I still leave 85 billion on one space or it never works...I tried 15 times to leave a message for Seth!!!
I have booted up and re-booted until I am just sick of it all.....I'm going back to the Hi-War-Ya Trip for a break!!!!
Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!!!!
So much for a relaxing mornin'!!!

And coffee only made it worse!!!!


ventl8r said...

Yeah, how many differnt trunks can he wear without repeating. He's got a nice torso and whatnot, but if this is his latest claim to fame instead of acting, then fine, I'm done. I'm just getting really tired of the empty stories of celebs. How much more ego stroking do they need?

beth said...

ya know what its oneof those days here i am mad as hell and i just knew if i came here you would make me laugh !!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!

Proto said...

drum drum drum, drum drum.
drum drum drum, drum drum.

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
Okay...I'll try this again. The first time I tried it wouldn't publish my comment...WTF?'s never done that before.
Anyhow....yes, you got it right...Al is wonderful and the Premier is a
And, sorry, but I still like MSN're going on another cruise!! You are sooooooooo lucky. I've only been on one cruise and it just made me want MORE!!

MizAngie said...

Funny, you don't LOOK Cherokee! Y'all have the Indian names in OK, but down here we have so much Mexican influence. Like Mexia (Anna Nicole Smith's hometown). People not from here usually call it "Mecks-ee-uh." It's "Muh-hay-uh." Very confusing.

Sherrie said...

Woooohooooo your cruise is soon eh!? The womanchild went to the Europe meeting tonight, this year it's Paris, or how I like to pronounce it *Pair....reeeee*, Brussels *Bra....sells*, and Amsterdam.......*AM....STIR....DAMN*! Ooops....I didn't mean to cuss ~blush~........the teacher suggests I go, I suggest she gives her head a shake :-D. Wish I weren't such a wuss!!!

-ksgrrl said...

another cruise? ha. Hawaii should be super fun, though. lots of bright flowers and fish. :)

mannyed said...

I was in Boston last weekend, talk about accents! I loved every minute of listening to them speak. They could tell I was from New York. I wonder why.


Beth said...

Actually i was fired up over the coverage of the Jena 6 crap !!! I was watching live on the net, and of course the news cuts out the parts they dont want you to see. They were all a bunch of blazing idiots and if it wasnt so far away i would have gotten in the car and gone and givent hem a piece of my mind LOL.That entire situation is out of control.

Seth said...

...·´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
-:¦:- Just me. Stopping by to invade your space again while I have a few minutes. Thought that I would come by and give you some virtual good vibes for a great weekend. I'll be back to check things out here on your space soon... Cheers to you! - SETH

By the way - I think I'll be packing and leaving MSN SPACES for good.... there's obviously much better out there.... like here!