Friday, September 14, 2007


Ya gotta love 'em!!

On the coffee table was a shot glass with tequila and a slice of lime...."Are you tryin' to get me drunk?"

Roy grinned.

"I wanted to drop in a green M&M and make it look like I had slipped you a mickey but I was afraid you would choke on it and ruin the moment."

Good thinkin' on his part!!


ventl8r said...

At least he's thinking ahead.....

Diane said...

Hiya Hun:
It seems like FOREVER since I've been by to visit and I haven't seen you in my space for awhile, so I thought I'd better come by and see how you were.
I'm glad your little squirrel is safe and sound. Shame on Roy for teasing you that!!
I think you should have left the M&M in the drink and let him choke. Sweet revenge for trying to make you think that your squirrel "bought the farm"
Hugs and Love,

Proto said...

you know the rest.

Jeankfl said...

I think it's cool Roy still wants to get you drunk!!LOL And being so concerned for your safety!!LOL Men!