Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let Me Take You To FunkyTown!

It's like walkin' around in a fog!
A hang over without the good time!
And so I do odd shit...like being so deep in thought about rentin' a car in Maui that I locked myself in the office instead of walkin' out first!!!!

See what I have to deal with!!!


Beth said...

You locked yourself in !!!! Now that is way tooooooo funny !!!!!!!!
last night of BB tonight. i say it will be Dani that wins , not that she should be ED shouldnt either what ever !!!
i hope the next one is better they need a better mix of people and ages not a house ful of 20 year old and one old guy seems to be the way they do it. I did like chicken george though!!

diane said...

Hi Nadine:
Everyone seems to be in a funk right now. My sis said that she's in a funk too. It sucks!!

Sherrie said...

That ain't so bad, just whatever you do, do NOT go relieve yourself without pulling your panties down to!!! Now THAT is just wrong :-)