Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm All Funked Up!

Yep that's right! I'm in a funk.

My brain is on autopilot.
One would think I would be walkin' on sunshine with a mini vacation coming up....and then the real deal too. I've tried to psyche myself up.....lounger in the water with Coronas in both hands watchin' half nekked men frolickin' on the beach.
Honestly, why do they make men's swimwear so freakin' baggy??? I liked the days when Elvis was in the tight trunks and dove into the water off the cliffs of Acapulco. People make fun of the Speedo but Damn....that's the look I want to see!!!

But no....I'm in neutral.
Summer is over and the pool is empty. Ho Hum....
Maybe I can talk Roy into pullin' out the Indian and goin' for a ride. That would do us both some good....just a ride around the lake...maybe to Eureka Springs....maybe to Branson.
Just take the whole day and ride.

Funny, you would think with 3 bikes we would ride all the time but we haven't!
I haven't been on my bike since I hurt my back. I get little twinges every now and again and I sure don't want to be Master and Commander of My Own Destiny and have a wreck!
That would embarrass Roy!
God knows my biggest fear in life is that I will embarrass Roy!
I was liftin' the butt end of Mastiff...the BossMan had the head end....which is heavier.....and I was bent and lifted and twisted all at the same time and...POP!!! Down I went!
Do you know how big those dogs are???
The last one was over 150 pounds!
I was out for 4 days...flat on my stomach with pain meds and heatin' pads!!
Roy waited on me hand and foot...that has it's drawbacks!
It was sad....that was the time when OU was robbed by Another BadCall by Texas Team...I wanna say the Red Raiders.....Not sure Football....I can't remember exactly what happened now but it was maddening then!!
I was layin' on the couch with my heatin' pad and Roy was on his couch in control of the remote. The BadCall happened and I came up off that couch yellin' and screamin' at the TV....I'm very passionate about OU Football.....then squealin' in pain!

"If you don't calm down and shut up, I will turn the channel! If you hurt your self again becuz you can't be reasonable about a football game I will not help you anymore! Do you need more Valium?"

Well, with a threat like that I had to calm down and be a grown up!!
Damn it!
At least I got some Valium outta the deal!

Nope...It's Just a Weird Funk!


MizAngie said...

Oh, NO - my funk was contagious!!

There was a guy at work who swam every morning. One day I was in the HPE Center doing God knows what because I wasn't working out...HA! Anyway, I looked into the pool area and there's this little five foot nothin' guy in a black speedo and a sweater. Then I realized it wasn't a sweater - it was his body hair. Not only that, his body hair got thicker and nappier in his "pleasure region" and it was flippin' up over and around his lil speedo. Not a good look, Nadine, I gotta tell ya. He didn't just need longer board shorts to swim in - he needed a long-sleeved shirt. Yech. Now, think about THAT while you're kicked back with your Coronas...

Cindy said...

There's a very fine line when it comes to a Speedo. You have to:
a)have a nice, muscular, lean body;
b)not look like an ape;
c)preferably not be over the age of 30 while wearing one
If you don't meet ALL of the above requirements -- STEP AWAY FROM THE SPEEDO!!

The funk issue...well, I wonder if it's just that time of year...summer's over, it's starting to get colder, the days are gettin' shorter...
My prescription? Shopping!!!!

Sherrie said...

k I'm not sure it's a funk but man I've been feeling out of sorts. And the boredom I'm feeling is enough to suffocate me.

Hope your funk lifts soon! ~hugs~

Beth said...

i didnt even watch last night, the first ten minutes was enough and i switched to the football game as i knew it was going to be an hour of crap. Sure didnt want to rewatch the last ten weeks once was enough. i hope the next one is better in the end.

Proto said...

blink, blink

Katy said...

Man, I love this time of year--football games, and Halloween are around the corner. You'll cheer up!!

mannyed said...

oh no, not a funk! :o(

I know what will snap you out of a funk...