Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Will Get Even...

You remember my squirrel.....The gold medalist of traffic crossing?

One day as Roy and I drove to town, there was a couple of dead animals in the road near the park. One small raccoon and a squirrel.

Roy says, "Your squirrel bought the farm!"
No way!!
"Oh no! My squirrel is a champion road crosser and would never get hurt. That's not my squirrel."

He rolls his eyes, "How do you know that isn't your squirrel?"
"Becuz right there is my squirrel! Look, He sees me and is runnin' after us! See right there!"

Sure enough my squirrel was runnin' towards the road!

Roy rolls his eyes....but there was a mischievous look to them this time.

He looks up into the rearview mirror and says, "Yep there he is in the road wavin' for us to come back. Oh look out! Ooooooh, That car hit him!"

And I looked back!!!!!


One dirty look and a backhand to Roy's chest, "DON'T Mess with ME about MY SQUIRREL!"

You just wait.....I will get even!!
Ssshhh...there is a HugeAssSpider in the trash's a big as will not flush!!!



Sherrie said...

~tiptoes in and peeks around sheepishly~

Yes......yes.........I am still alive, however barely! Been back at the day job for 2 weeks now, still working the night one, can you say "Too Pooped To Pop?" Yea...that would be me. But this is my second night off in a row, so I decided it was time I took some time to visit a few of my favourite people. Hence my visit here!

I'm sure glad it wasn't your squirrel, now you go grab that spider and teach your Roy Boy a lesson!

I've missed you ~hugs~

cathy said...

Hey there, sure am glad that wasn't your squirrel! The guys got dunked for a total of 3x and each time was about 50 sec's or so Gary said it felt like 5 mins but he's a wimp so dont' believe him they won't dunk you if you request them not to, we told the boat captain to dunk them he-he.
I didn't want dad to get jealous so had to give mom a geek for a present. LOL

Beth said...

I hope you go parasailing and i want to see the pictures !!! NO, actually i want to go with you .
BB8 is almost over, then what do we do for entertainment !!!

GO Zack !!

Proto said...

Your trash can flushes?
Nevermind, spidy to the squirrels rescue...