Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Have Another Joke For You....

So a Blonde and Redhead are workin' on a problem with the phone lines, PC modems, and credit cards machines.....Seriously, I can't make this shit up!!

The Problem started when The Blonde didn't disconnect the phone line to the PC and lightening killed the modem! The Redhead was insistent that The Blonde call the CreditCardTechSupport to make sure our new modem was configured correctly.....I hate callin' TechSupport! And she could have done it herself!!
But NO!!
So after 5 calls and 30 minutes with TheTechSupportDude....which by the way was simply wonderful....we decided that the modem was fine and that Problem was the Phone Lines....NOT MY AREA!!!
The Redhead said she would have her BrotherInLaw look into it but as it turns out he was hunting and she didn't know another week goes by with no credit card machine. No Internet is the Blonde gonna goof off???
I played solitaire all week long....I will not be deterred from goofin' off!!
The CableInternet was connected on Thursday!!
Under the watchful eye of the Redhead....and she had the CreditCard machine up and runnin'! It only took her 1 call and 5 minutes with TechSupport!!
She bragged about it!!
She left The Blonde a note explaining the ExternalModem and that the CableInternet need some sort of infernal card...or some shit.......but that would either tomorrow or Saturday....which Thursday!!
The Blonde knows The Redhead well enough to know better than to think it will be any quicker than THURSDAY!!!!!

And the best part of all this is The Redhead left the two phone lines that connected to the ExternalModem out for The Blonde to find..... knowing The Blonde as she does, she went to all the trouble to draw pictures on tape that looked like the Icons on the Modem so there would be no doubt which one went where!!!
And attached it to the appropriate phone line!!!
Isn't that so sweet!!???
When it came time the run a credit card.....nothing happened...all routes were bad!!
The Blonde calls the Redhead, "It didn't work!"
"What? You follow the directions? You connected it right?"
I had pictures!!!
3 phone calls to TechSupport and 20 minutes later problem solved! This was a different TechSupportDude than I had before and was just a wonderful...i'm not sure why I hate to call TechSupport.....and he had the whole log of what the other TSDude did for me.....but no evidence of The Redhead's call!

So The Blonde calls the Redhead, "Are your roots blonde?"
"You had the pictures on the wrong phone I connected them backwards!"

The phone lines are now correct and pink nail polish has been dabbed on the back of the modem and on the appropriate phone line!!!

Some times it takes a village!!


mannyed said...

i like the pink nail polish touch! genius!

Beth said...

That is funny, frustrating yet funny.
Hope you had a great weekend !!!

MizAngie said...

Pink nail polish has come in handy many a time...

Your Sooners played their asses off this weekend! My Aggies are gonna have a looooong year...ugh...