Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Humor Me!!

I am curious about why people blog.
See it??? In the upper right hand spot....Yeah there!!


Sherrie said...

I couldn't help myself, my son was giving me a much loved neck and shoulder massage, and I had to show him your "Gun" blog. He laughed as hard as I did!

You know I don't normally vent in my blog, originally I did now and then, and once more people discovered me I stopped doing it. Now when I do get around to blogging, I feel like I'm not giving it my all. Oh well....

But hopefully when I do get around to blogging, I still have the ability to make others laugh or feel good. Lord knows you have that gift lady!

Hope you have a great week ~hugs~

mannyed said...

at first, blogging was just something to do, but then I discovered that it has been both therapeutic and rewarding. Meeting new people is a big bonus!