Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Brother 8...

Do you watch?
We have been watchin' all season long and now it's down to the final 3. I would love for Zach to win but I don't see any way that will happen....And it doesn't matter which ones wins. That father/daughter duo has it won.

So now what to watch?
Kid Nation??? I don't think so!!
The Power of 10???? What a stupid game show???
Who ARE the people that were surveyed??? I don't think Middle America was asked!!

I think it's a shitty deal when they take off a show that was fairly good and show us re-runs of CSI. I can only watch it so many times!! It's a good show But Come On!!
They reason it that ONLY 8 million people were watchin' it....Pirate Master.....soooo it's off!
That is just garbage!! Last time I looked 8 million was a fairly high number!
And then they give us Kid Nation????
No thank you!
I wonder what's HBO???


Katy said...

I'm just sitting around waiting for Fall TV to start. All new episodes!!!! Meanwhile, I've been watching Lifetime's Sunday shows and The Closer. I love The Closer. I try to watch Saving Grace that comes on after it, but something always comes up. I have GOT to get DVR installed in this place.

Dawn said...

I hear ya ladies...I'm waiting for the fall premiers to start to...although I have 2 kids at home so by the time I actually get the tv I'm usually to tired to watch a whole show....thank god I do have my dvr installed....whew.

Proto said...

Still waiting for baseball season to end. Then finally get into a football state of mind.

T_B_N said...

I'm all for dick and daniel.....I love how dick tells it like it is. Sure he's overboard...but it's refreshing in this politically correct bullshit world.

wow, where did that come from

-ksgrrl said...

We kinda got sucked into watching Man Band and now we are just waiting for the fall season to start.

Mannyed said...

They took that Anchor Women show after one airing. I kinda liked it.

Sherrie said...

Okay so I have to admit, I don't watch it, but only because I never have given it a chance. I'm sure, with my addictive nature, that if I gave it a chance I'd be hooked. I do however watch Survivor, religiously, even when I don't like any of the people on it, I'm that addicted, I keep watching. Mind you I tape the shows, therefore I can skip through not only the commercials but through they annoying whiney people as well :-D.......see I'm NOT just another pretty face!