Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Thing to Think About!!

I was thinking about Class Reunions....My 25 year one is next up!

25 years!!
I didn't go back to my 10 yr Class Reunion. issues...ROY.....kept me from going.

So by the time we hit our 20 Yr mark, I was at a place that I was good with me and I wanted to see these people again. Remember the past....revel in their successes.....sympathize with their losses and heartbreaks but frankly, I want to see if the mean girls got fat!!
I was a total tomboy and was out to prove that I was just as tough as the boys were. I have grown out of that!
So I had a lot of guy friends that have always treated me like a little sister. They pretty much still do! Roy doesn't quite have a handle on that one.
One of the more nerdy know the one.....the thick glasses....braces......and so skinny he could blow away in the high winds, grew up to be a hottie! Me and my mouth announced that fact. He just blushed and gave me a hug. I hope he didn't take too much flack from his wife.........BUT He is Hot!!!
The HOT GUY in school, the BMC..........was in prison on drug charges. Now how does a guy that has the world at his feet wind up in prison? So Sad!
All the girls that I was a cheerleader with greeted me with open arms. WE had our differences back then and apparently, we all grew up well adjusted.........okay, it was all fake but it felt good at the time!!
I was the only one that was already a grandparent. Thank you for that, Eudora Mae!

Seriously, a person gets nostalgic and wants to relive the glory days if only for a little bit. Some have died and you just want to hold on to those that are still around. Those people have know you since kindergarten. Those people are the ones you shared your first dance with. I got swats with some of them. We had a great time as teens. They touched my life and I wanted to see how they faired in their lives.

And to see if the mean girls got fat!!

Now, 25 years later....They want to get together again!! In the 5 years that went by, NOT ONE OF THEM EVER EMAILED ME!!! well, that's not entirely true.....I have 4 that email me....3 of them didn't even go to the 20th!

I treasure those 4!
We tease, nag, support and give comfort when it's needed.

One is one of the boys I got swats with, One is one of the boys that kept me from gettin' my ass kicked by an upperclassman, One is the NerdyBoyTurnedHottie...damn he's hot!! For that matter, all 3 are hot!!

And one is my BFF! I have known her since back before we got boobs!!

I'm not so sure I want to go back this time....I have to think about it!


T_B_N said...

go you dumbass. At the very least it will be good for a blog. At best who knows. I always have a great time at my reunions...they don't come fast enough.

drink one for me.

Anonymous said...

I've only gone to my 20th reunion and probably won't go again. My class was over 700 kids back in 1965 and if your group of friends don't go your among strangers.
But like t_b_n said go and I hope you have fun

Anonymous said...

What ever you decide. Have fun.


Proto said...

It's all in the company you keep. If you enjoy being around them, then go, if you don't, don't. I would like to read about it though...

Diane said...

I love reunions...I don't care if I'm fat/thin, rich/poor, married/divored...I go. I love seeing everyone....they were my friends, my playmates, the people I grew up with and learned all about life with. I love them all.
We have a neighbourhood reunion every 5 years and we always have between 200-300 people show up. I spent my entire childhood in the same neighbourhood as did all my old friends....hell, most of them I went to kindergarten with and I graduated 40 years ago. We all grew up together in the same neighbourhood. I'm back living in that neighbourhood again and it's so good to be home.
I think you should go. It's wonderful to see old friends.
To answer your question....I never used to go to "senior" went dancing 3 times a week, but it was all ages. I can't go anymore...I haven't been for almost 5 years now. My disability prevents me from dancing anymore and I miss it very, very much.
Hugs and Love,