Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And I Do Not Look Good in White!!!

This is all gonna sound insane!! Maybe I can have a Red straight jacket!!

Roy's mother will turn 80 in January. RoySr. is 85 and havin' some health SHE sees the end coming! She has wanted to go to Hawaii for a long time. She wanted me and Roy to go with them....OH HELL NO!!!
And that came outta Roy's mouth...I was just speechless and horrified at the same time!

The moment Roy and I stepped off the Alaskan Cruise, we were ready for the Caribbean!!
Bring on the Party!!!
So I booked our cruise in April to go in October....His mother was miffed! She begged her other kids to help her and being as she is, nobody wanted to help her....she doesn't have a PC to look all the needed info up for a great trip, to find the right prices, and a good travel agent!
She called one agency that never bothered to call her back!
When she did finally find one that would help her, that person signed her up on one of the most expensive trips to Hawaii!!!
I had to step in before that travel agent sucked away all of their nest egg!! I told Roy all about what was suggested and the cabin his mother paid's a cruise around all the islands....and he said look into it.
They are in their 80's and that woman suggested hiking trips!!!!
Come on!!!

So now I'm booked to go to Hawaii in February!!! I'm so nervous I could throw up!!!

Did I ever tell you that insanity runs in our family???
It does!!!
1 uncle, 1 aunt...oh and my was bound to happen!! When I broke the news of the insanity gene, of my life....said, "How long do I have before they come to get you?"

Whatta way to get outta the Funk!!
I have read every book I can get my hands on and am still in the middle of one of them. I have looked at every website that I can find with good info until I can't see straight!!
I think I'm about to hyperventilate!!!
I'm goin' to Hawaii!!!!!


Beth said...

hey you will find a way to have fun, its hawaii for petes sake !!!!
Can you believe that after Dick did all the mouthing off he still won, amazing to me LOL but he did play a great game.nasty as it was he was good at it.
Bring on the next big brotherLOL

Proto said...

I love Hawaii. Every trip has been memorial. Last minute island hopping is expensive, so plan that in advance.

mannyed said...


Cindy said...

Been seeing you on Angie's space and figured it was high time I came and said hello! I am so jealous that you are going to Hawaii. Lucky girl!


MizAngie said...

Hawaii!! Or, as we say down here - Hi-wah-ya. Ha!! Now THAT is a vacation!! Ever since I saw Elvis in "Blue Hawaii" I've been feenin' to go. You are SUCH a heifer!!!

Seth Popowich said...

Thank you for stopping by bmy space. Glad that you did. You have quite the space here!! I must bookmark you.
Here's hoping that you are taking good care of you and yours! Hoping that you enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers to you!