Saturday, September 01, 2007

Alaskan Cruise

Thanks for all the warm greetings back home to Blogland!
I will try to explain some of the pix. Some are self-explainitory.
And yes, Roy did look at the "Waitress's" Cleavage!!
He told me he had his hand on her ass and that would not surprise me!!
Yes, he is a hairy man... and yes, he is hot and buff!!
And I never noticed that old lady lookin' at his ass. I hope I still do that when I am her age... some things are hard to give up!!
Way back on Friday, the day before we left, we both had the day off to do errands. We took the critters to the clinic and Roy got the speech from the BossLady about NOT HAVING A TIZZY. TOO FRICKIN' FUNNY!!!
She laid it out for him, I just laughed... you know I got the same speech from him a few days before!!

We spent the night in Tulsa becuz the flight was so early... and had to be there so early, airport security and all. And had no trouble at all getting thru!
We had time to have a snack and read the newspaper.
As I was reading the paper, my radar went off.
You know the one... that radar that goes off when a killer hunk of good-lookin' man is around... and I peek over the top of the paper to see a flight crew headin' to their next flight.
"Yummmmmeeeeee!!" I said out loud... not thinkin' about Roy sittin' across the table from me!!
"I want him to be my captain!"
He rolls his eyes, "They will not let you go up and sit on the captain's lap any more, so just forget it!"
"Damn, I wanted to earn my wings!"

As we were unassin' the plane at Salt Lake City, Capt. Yummy walks out of the cockpit!
Oh I hope I didn't blush!
Maybe he heard our conversation back in Tulsa???? Becuz I got the best smile and a nod from him.
God Bless his mother... he is a hunk!!!

A good flight into Anchorage. It was a bit... shay and gritty... but no rain... yet.

Getting the baggage was a bit unnerving.
Roy likes to joke with me about losing the luggage... NOT FUNNY ROY!!!!
All I could think about was Proto losing his luggage... Surely by now, you got it back
So here we are staked out in baggage claim waiting for the luggage.
Let me add in here that I am a freak about MY SPACE. You know that invisable force field area around you that strangers are not to enter. I don't like to be touch either.
 I know!!
By people I know, it is okay.
So the luggage start to pass by. This older man to my left, is pickin' up EVERY BAG! Quite obiviously his wife packs for him becuz he had NO IDEA what it looked like. Despite her telling him what color it was... blue... and the pretty good description.
Hell I could have picked it out!!!!!
And when the green one or the black one turned out to NOT be his he just threw it back on the moverthingy! All I could think about was MY bottle of Calvin Klein Escape breaking all over my clothes!!!!
This man was making me nervous. I kept backing up. Inch by inch until I have moved 2 feet from My Original Spot!!
 I don't normally move. I am as stubborn as a Missouri Mule. But the way he was slingin' those bags, I didn't want to be knocked on the moverthingy!!!
And to top it all off, he would INVADE MY SPACE!!!!!!
His wife said once to him, "You almost knocked that woman down!"
I stepped behind Roy.
That OldMan wouldn't budge Roy... not one inch!!
After we got the bags and handed them over to the Princess People... here comes that OldMan!!!!
He apparently thought that someone took his luggage. He was just moments away from me having a Full-On Tizzy. I had had enough!
I would have been on him like white on rice!
Just accuse me of takin' your bags!!!
C'mon! Step outside, OldMan!!
That incident should been an indication of things to come... I'll vent later about it! "

There was an hour bus ride to the cruise ship... very interesting. A one way train tunnel that passenger cars and trains take turns passing thru.
All the people in Whittier... 300... live in one building. Not like a hippy commune but a nice apartment building.
Up to this point, every sight I took in was beautiful!
Just about every photo I took was like a postcard.
Mountains and Glaciers to a Prairie Gal are overwhelmin'!!!
We have hills. But they are called Mountains but they are just hills, the Arbuckle Mountains.....what a joke!!
Next time... Glaciers, Saloons, and Drunk Aussies.
Big Okie Hugs!!
And I am off to check up with the rest of the world!

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