Monday, August 06, 2007

Wicker Furniture....

One of our neighbors recently died....come think of it, so did another one....the one we had problems with....the Moseyin' Cows....he died about 3 weeks after the cows went to sell.

But another one of the neighbors died....and we didn't have anything to do with it...the death of the other man...he had cancer.....I told you that!!

Anyway, the other man died....They had his auction on Saturday. All our neighbors were there. Roy went down to scope it out for bargains....He said there wasn't much but junk! Let's see how much he drags home!!

I read the sale bill....I didn't see that it was junk!!!

So when I got there, I saw some wicker was fairly good lookin' and a little paint it would look nice on my front had been sold, of course.

I asked Roy, "Why didn't you buy that wicker furniture?"

He grinned a big ole opossum eatin' shit grin, "They wanted too much for it and besides I've had bad luck with wicker furniture!"

I replied, "Damn Neighbors!"

That's Roy's story and he's stickin' to it!

He managed to spend $45 and did indeed buy me a chair!
He knows I want furniture.
He spent a big ole whoppin' dollar on it!!
A shower chair!!!

One hand held shower massager and that chair.....woo hoo!!!


Beth said...

we will adopted you and we will invite you to all the family functions and to show you that i am the good sister, i will be the one to call Party Princess to bail us both out of jail LOL.AUntie Magick would be proud of us !!!!

MizAngie said...

Before you get too pissed, you might want to ask your cute-butted husband what he has in mind for you, the shower massager, and the shower stool... tee-hee!!!!

Jeankfl said...

I agree..what's with the shower massage and shower stool??? Is he plannin' on cripplin' you? Lol.. are you melting? I'm so hot, I could light fireworks, any time I walk outside. YUK I intend to stay inside for the duration..

VENTL8R said...

You sure got herself a good one thar....Roy, I mean. Nothing says "love" like a shower chair.

Princess said...

Morning my dear dropping in for a hello and to catch up on what i have missed. I posted a blog nothing fancy mind isn't working that great yet LOL i will save the drama for my mama hehe i have a few things but i would rather not discuss till i know more. Hope all is well in ur world hugs & kisses ~PPA~