Sunday, August 12, 2007

What If?

Have you watched Age of Innocence?

That movie with Michelle Phieffer and Daniel Day Lewis....where he kisses her wrist...after slowly undoing the bottons on her they ride along in the romantic!
Anyway, he is in love with her but is engaged to Wynona Ryder and becuz of the rules of properity in 1870, he couldn't just take her down to the Silver Saddle and throw down $20 for a little "afternoon delight".......But Damn!! That was fun!

I'm strayin' from the point....When Wynona figures out that he has the hot for her cousin, she lets it slip that she could be pregnant and all hopes of gettin' to runaway with Michelle is gone.

Years go by.....they have three children together and a pretty normal life. She dies first. And in his 57th year of life has as an opportunity to see Michelle again......But he turns and walks away.

All the years of our marriage, Roy has teased me about a girl in Iowa that he adored. She was so pretty with long red hair. But RosaLee broke his heart which is what set him on the path that his life took that lead him to me.
Otherwise, he'd a been a corn farmer in Iowa.
Honestly, I don't really care about past loves. We all have history.....and we can't change it. There is no use in gettin' all bent outta shape over any of it....good or bad. It is in the past!
But none the less he likes to make a big deal over this gal.
So I let him.
He must have loved 18 year old RosaLee....long legged with flowers in her red hair....that was "very friendly".

One year when Roy and I went to Iowa to that Threshman'sThing, we came across a building that was promotin' a device by a company that RosaLee had worked for in the '60s. He thought he would be cute and pushed me back from the door, craned his head in and yelled, "Run RosaLee, She's here!"
Like I'd be comin' to kick her ass!
Like he'd been sneakin' off to see her behind my back!

You have got to be kiddin' me!
"Run??? She can run at 55?"
I don't run at 4aahhh.....35!

He went pale.
He doesn't see her as anything but 18!!!
I realized that just then, that all this time he was teasin' about that girl, he saw her as 18!
Not aging her one day from the last time he had seen her.
Not an older lady that had maybe put on a few pounds and cut her hair short.

Is there someone from your past that you wonder about???
What If My Life Had Taken a Different Path??

Is it better to leave that love in the remember that love as an 18 yr old gal with long red hair??


itchick said...

Mine is in that 'Big 80's Hair' prom photo posted on my blog. Last I saw he was balding and had 4 kids. Best leave that one behind!

mannyed said...

I haven't seen my prom date since um...98. I'm curious to know what he looks like and what he's doing with his life now. But that's all.

Cindy said...

It's better to leave the past in the past, I think. There are many "what ifs" I think about, but I'm sure they would never live up to what I've built them up to be in my head!! Great for daydreaming, though!!

Anonymous said...

When I think of my high school crushes, I am reminded of the Garth Brooks song...."sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers"!

Teresa in OKC

Billie said...

I ponder a lot about "what ifs". You wonder what might have happened if you had taken the right fork instead of the left. Despite some really rough times that I would have prefered to bypass.... taking the left fork is what made me who I am today. That isn't so bad really when you look at it.