Monday, August 20, 2007

The Weekend

We went to Branson to do some shoppin' and goofin' off.
Roy drove.

"Look Honey, they have corn."
He drives right on by.
"Look Honey, they have okra."
He drives right on by.
"Look Honey, they have black diamond watermelons!"
He drives right on by.
"Honey, we need to stop at the liquor store."
He drives right on by.

Did I get any new wines to try??? NO!

Do all men do that??? Just keep drivin' like he never heard a freakin' word!!!???

One day I was drivin'....a true rarity.....and he said, "Hey Babe, Did you see that corvette? I wonder...."
I have no idea what he said after that becuz I was turnin' that car again and goin' back! He looked that vette over real well!! Just like the time we bought my Harley....I thought Holy SHIT!! Is he gonna buy it???

He and I have a game plan for when we go to Branson....check in the motel, Drive to Branson Landing and drink Margaritas and eat Guacamole at Cantina Laredo's, do some shoppin' and who knows what from there.....good game plan!

I didn't snag any great baragins there...not one shoe called my name!! At SilverDollarCity, I did find cute purses....and I bought 2 and I should have bought 5! They were the right price and would have made great gifts! More than likely I will give those to away....that's what I do!

So here I am back at the grind....Have a great week!


Sherrie said...

Kinda like when they're lost and they drive right on by a perfectly good gas station where they could ask for directions??????? Yea mine does that all the time ~wink~

Have a great day ~hugs~

Proto said...

grind, grind, grind.

mannyed said...

no. wine. bummer. did you atleast get the guac?

Beth said...

Purses....cant go wrong with that, Kaley and i have purse and shoe radar built in from birth LOL, Mr. Beth says its a DNA flaw !!!!