Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two on Thursday??????

Only becuz I know that I won't have internet at work tomorrow.....this is called reverse that right???
Hope for one thing and another thing happens....I cheer vigorously for the Packers!!!

I'm kinda hit and miss on that one.

It's a long weekend for some and so with that I will say...Rat Finks!!! I'm not one of them!!!

Hugs, From your FAVORITE OKIE!!!


Sherrie said...

Two???? I'm lucky these days if I get around to bloggin once in a week. I am a bad bad blogger!!!

I'm back to the day job, and you guessed it, I'm already tired, man I'm turning into a wimp in my old age. There's just gotta be some kind of potent vitamins out there that would help!

A voice conversation sounds way cool, I hope you manage to get one on your blog. As for the naked pictures, I think that would be a fantastic thing to give Roy, I've thought about it myself, being a fellow free spirited kinda gal. Who knows.......maybe one of these days.

I'll be working all weekend at the bingo hall, so we can feel sorry for each other ~hugs~

mannyed said...

so what do you do all day with the internet at work? Work?!

cathy said...

I totally feel for you it's the pits not being able to surf at work don't they realize you'll go thru withdrawals!!! OMG you have to work on Labor Day it's a freaking holiday, I'll think of you when I'm sitting by the pool enjoying a cold one :) have a great weekend!!

MizAngie said...

Hey, numbtits! None of your Okie schools played the Horny Toads of TCU! I've been looking for the score all day. Ha! Oklahoma killed North Texas (the Mean Green) today, but OSU played Georgia and got beat. I think my Apaches got beat tonight. I left in the 3rd quarter because I got bored. Most people go to that game to see the halftime show (Rangerettes vs Belles). Later!