Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Shit!!! Shit!!!! Shit!!!!

I can't get anything to work right!!!!!

My "tag" is caught in BlogHell!!!

And something new has been added....video.....Ideas are jumpin' around in my little blonde brain!!!

Be back when I can.....Big Brother is on!!!!


mannyed said...

Did the Nerd Herd come and fix your work computer yet?

MizAngie said...

I feel your pain...

Beth said...

i couldnt believe that he didnt use the POV to get rid of ED either BUT he has to do what America tells him to and they wanted him to get Amber out and that will only hurt him. Jessica is playing a much smarter game as she wanted to back door Dani and Eric talked her out of it.Dani is one of the best players in the house and she doesnt have their back as Eric thinks, if her or Dick get HOH this week you know they are putting them both up. How stupid.America should be protecting their player not selling him out.