Thursday, August 16, 2007

OldWivesTales....Fact or Fiction?

WE all have heard them.

That cow manure will cure freckles....not for one second did I ever fall for that one!!

That if you drink coffee, it'll put hair on your chest!
Must be true...I have hair on my nipples every once in a while!!

But my all time favorite one is, "If you eat bread crust you will have large boobs."

Any one ever hear that one??

Is it just my family??

We all eat the crust!!

WE all have a D cup!

I told my sister that she needs to lay off the bread crust as she is up to DoubleDs!

And do you know that she buys crustless bread??!!!

My neice had a friend over for lunch and they were fixin' sandwiches. The young lady told my neice to cut off her crust. My neice told her about the CrustTheory. The young lady was amazed at the thought that her itty bitty titties could be enhance by eatin' the crust that she now eats it like it's goin' outta style!

What is your favorite??


cathy said...

Bread crust LMAO, I always heard eat your fish it's brain food, or coffee stunts your growth. I'm tall and not brainy LOL
have a great weekend,

ventl8r said...

Drink ketchup and jump up-n-down to prevent pregnancy

mannyed said...

If you swallow gum, it will take 7 years to get throught the digestive system.


cat's steal the breath from babies (or something like that).

Dawn said...

if a bird hits your window and dies someone will soon pass you know how many birds I've had to go out and try and save to prevent any deaths in the family.....

I like the bread crust one...I'm going to stop eating the crust as I to am a DD like your sis....

MizAngie said...

Anything that tasted real good would "make your teeth curly and your hair white."

If you swallowed too many watermelon seeds they would sprout in your guts.

Anything good for us would put hair on your chest. (And like you, I can believe this one!)

My Daddy didn't have much hair on his chest - but had several on his boobs. Mother always said he had a hair everywhere a whore kissed him. I don't know if that was an old sayin' or if she made it up.

Kill a cricket in the house and it'll rain!

Beth said...

OMG BB was a bust some times i wonder if these people are s t u p i d !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherrie said...

Okay I knew there had to be a reason I was made to eat my bread crust! Thelma and Louise are just busting with p;ide these days!!! Yea I know.....the hubby had to name his girls.

Years ago, a friend of mine refused to eat her bread crust. They had one of those kitchen tables with the hollow metal frame. She used to wait til her Momma wasn't looking, pull her crust off, and stuff it in the frame of the table. Not only did her Mom discover a table full of dried up bread crusts, the poor girl never did grow a decent rack. That'll teach her eh! Silly girl......crust is for busts!