Friday, August 17, 2007

New Things

I have decided to broaden my horizons....further my education about life.


I was told that Yellowtail Chardonnay was a good wine. So I ordered a glass with dinner at RedLobster.

And it was good!!

We went to Sam's after dinner on a BoozeRun and Dawg'd!! If they didn't have it in a big bottle. I'm all about the bigger bottle!!

I managed to drink about 2/3's of it and went to work the next day with a horrible headache!! I haven't had a hangover headache in years!!! But that will not deter me from trying other wines that MzGina had suggested to me.

I bought a bottle quite some time ago....2 years....maybe longer and it had set in the back of the Fridge....for cookin! But I thought that it would be okay to uncork to compare to the Yellowtail.

Let me just say that there's nothing like the Yellowtail!
To drink!
To get the cork out of the bottle!!

I thought I was never gonna get it out!!
I twisted and pulled and untwisted and retwisted....I was poopin' out!!

Hell!! The Jose doesn't give me any trouble!!
Ya just twist the top off and GAME ON!!!

All these boobs and no upper body strength!!

I was totally seeing the point to the wine in a box idea!!

Anyway, by the time I figured out the corkscrew and the way to leverage it, I managed to get part of the cork out.....PART!!!

Not enough to feel proud!!

Why do they need a 2 inch cork in the first place?????

Was it becuz it was a cheapass wine....cheapass cork???

Was it becuz it had been in the fridge for years????

10 minutes later I had 5 pieces of cork in my hand....and no way to re-cork it!!!

So you know what that means!!

Roy got lucky...tequila or wine it doesn't matter...he gets lucky.....and I got to sample the wine.

Damn!!! Did I ever had a headache the next day!

I may go back to Tequila shots!!


ventl8r said...

I'm very fond of Little Penguin's White Shiraz, out of Australia. A bit chewier than a white Z but not near as chewy as a full-blown shiraz. Haven't tried any of the Yellowtail varietals. I'm not a big white wine fan unless it's a Piesporter/Reisling.

Sherry said...

I think if wine has a twist top then it's a cheap wine lol. You want wine with a cork. That means it's GOOD!!!!
You know what they say about hangovers, especially wine hangovers don't you? You are suppose to bite the dog that bit you lol.
Have a great weekend

mannyed said...

Here's the thing...white wines are not really made to be stored for a long ass time. It's best to buy and drink those babies. On the the other hand, reds can age beautifully given the right temp; humidity and other factors. Try to always store your table wine on its side, (label up) so that the wine can keep the cork moist.

Rumor has it that cork is on its way out - to be replaced by the screw cap. I shudder to think about it.

So what type do you want to try me and I give you another suggestion :o)

dawn said...

I am so not a wine drinker...I've tried...and tried...but I just can't do it....

Thanks so much for your words on my means alot...

MizAngie said...

Hahahahahha!! I'm glad I'm not the only redneck that has to strain her fine wine to get the cork out! Ha!!

Try Sutter Home Moscato. Mmmmmm. The BEST I've had, though, is Moscata Spumante. It's sweet - it bubbles - it's delicious.

I watch a wine show done by Andrea Emmer (Immer?). Anyway, she says it doesn't matter if it's screw-top or cork as far as quality goes. Usually "old world" (made in Italy, France, or Europe somewhere) uses corks but that a lot of newer wineries, especially in the US, have gone to screwtops. Like Gina says, the wines to be aged are gonna have corks but they might go to easy-access on the wines meant to be enjoyed right away. Give me some cheap Sangria mixed with 7-Up and I'm happy. Poor-man's wine cooler...

kfarm said...

Yellowtail is a good wine. Austrailian wines as a whole are usually pretty good.

Sherrie said...

Not only is it annoying that it breaks up in little pieces like that........but then it has the nerve to get stuck in your teeth....doncha just hate that!?