Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Head is Full of Crap....

And I can't seem to form any sort of organized blog.

So I'll just ramble a bit.

Yesterday, ManCow had a woman on his show that was bitchin' about being taken out to RedLobster on a date. SHE thought it was a cheap and shitty thing to do. THE CALLERS thought she was being shallow!!
I vote with them!
Seriously, when you go out with someone are you looking into their heart or their wallet??

I was hit on head....behind the ear....and it still hurts!
You know when you watch America'sFunniestHomeVideo's and the idiot steps on the rake head and the handle hits them in the face???
Well, imagine that only I managed to hit myself in the back of the head.....Go Figure!!

I found out that a couple from this area will also be Cruisin' the Gulf. Roy was not happy.
"You invited them!? Do you want them to see you on the TopLessDeck???"
No!! I just mentioned it....really!! People are always curious about what I'm doin' on vacation or when......They try to avoid the office at that replacement has different ideas about runnin' it! And next thing I know she has them booked on the same cruise. They are a nice couple, in their 60's. They'll be fine!

I've cracked Roy up a couple different times....only I'm not articulate enough to describe it to you....But when he gets cracked and can't think of something smartass to say.....It was damn funny! One of those "You had to be there" moments, I guess.

And speakin' being articulate......that will be the subject for tomorrow.....if I can get the Internet at home straightened out....change a password and POOF! No frickin' connection!!!

Anyway.....tomorrow....Big Words!!


Beth said...

hi ya, i thought Amber was so stupid last night but really wasnt surprised. I am begining to think that Dani is the only one with a Brain, and thats not saying much LOL. I know Jen will be voted out and it will be interesting to see who gets HOH next, i am kinda waiting for Eric to get it and see who America wants him to put up. I think that is why he hasnt got it yet he doesnt want it !!!

Oh and i sure cant picture you with a high pitched voice LOL just doesnt seem right LOL

BEth said...

also forgot to tell you PPA started her new job, trying to get a routine down with the job and Megan might take a couple weeks for her to sort things out and get back to the real world LOL i have only talked to her a couple times on the phone and i did see her the other day as i watched Megan for her while she worked, Megan had a stomach flu and couldnt go to school ( lucky me huh !!) then she stayed for dinner when she came to pick her up other then that i havent talked to her much.

cathy said...

Hey I love Red Lobster and it's not all that cheap!!! Tonight I'm going to Sonic's for my b-day (that's where I wantedto go) Ok I can handle a t-shirt what size small DD ??? yes I opened up my space hopefully nothing happens I only closed it cause of the trouble Beth was having.

Proto said...

root canal set for 10th of September. Can't believe I have to wait three weeks. In any event, yes, you can still bounce.

MizAngie said...

I think of Dead Lobster as a fancy place! Does that make me white trash or what? If it doesn't have a drive-thru, then I think it's fancy!

Sherrie said...

Does Roy know that nice old ladies in their sixties are the first ones to whip off the bra??? Hopefully not.......would be a nice surprise me him :-D!!!!!!