Monday, August 13, 2007

Lost in KansasCity

Go ahead.
Admit it.
You are among friends here.

You can admit that you've been lost in Kansas City!

I can remember in high school, our Ag teacher....Agricultural Teacher....taught us about different breeds of pigs, DNA, and how to weld.....all things that I have had no use for in my everyday life....okay so maybe that DNA stuff pops up every once in awhile.

But the only pigs I can actually look at and know the Durocs and Hampshire....Hamps are the one on the JCPotter Sausage packages....see now you know!!! Durocs are the red ones!

But anyway.....The Ag Teacher told a horrible story about being lost in Kansas City!
Everyone I know has been lost in Kansas City!!
Roy's parents were lost goin' thru to Illinois!!
Our first trip to Iowa, we got lost!!
My aunt was lost on our trips to Council took us 2 hours to get out of Kansas City!!!!
And I was trapped in the back seat with my grandpa!!!

"Take that road."
"Turn here!"
"Go left!"
2 freakin' hours!!!!!!
At the time I was on antipressants and took the whole experience much better than the HellishVacation.

When we mapped out Roy's route to Iowa...something he has done a gazillion times....but still we looked the map over.
I mapped it out using MapQuest and saw that it was 477 miles...roughly 10 hours by motorcycle....allowing for frequent stops as the bike only holds 4.5 gallons of gas!

So I sat down with him and showed him.....we disagreed at Kansas City!!

"When goin' north you should stay to the left."

"No! I'm goin' right and stickin' to 71!"

Whatever, Dude!

He called me to brag about eatin' sweet Iowa's so just practically falls off the cob and into your mouth....."you can't beat Iowa corn!"

Kiss my ass, Roy!!

He stated in that call, that it took him over 522 miles to get there.

"Did you get lost in Kansas City? YOU GOT LOST IN KANSAS CITY!!!!!"

He giggled, "NO!! But it takes an hour just to get thru there!! One sign with one road that seems to go 3 different directions!!! It's just too much!"

Traffic was awful.....83mph in the slow lane and people were passin' him like he was standin' still!!!

And it takes an hour to get thru it!!!

What a town!!!!

I little diddy my Daddy used to sing:

Goin' to Kansas City!
Kansas City, here I come!
I'm goin' to Kansas City!
They got some crazy little women there,
And I'm gonna get me some!

Yeah I know....that's not how it goes....but I like it my way!!!


MizAngie said... were one of THOSE girls that took Ag so you could hang out with the cowboys. Hahaha! I was the good little girl who took homemakin' and learned how to make biscuits and sew. Stuff I use all the time! (Plus, the homemakin' room was air conditioned and it was hot outside in Ag. I never have liked to sweat.)

mannyed said...

Worse than NYC roads?

Diane said...

Hi Nadine:
Sorry I haven't been around much lately....I'm not in a very good space right now.

Susan said...

I knew there was a reason that I have never been to Kansas City!

Thanks for all your kind words during my difficult time.

Cya later