Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The MerryWidow has a colorful past...she has alluded to that many times. She was hostess in a restaurant in Chicago and probably knew gangster! But that's not where we are going today. Somewhere in her past she and her husband kept foster kids....the thought of that truly scares me!! She has sons but corruptin' other peoples' kids....that just scares me!! When she and her husband became incapable of takin' care of the farm, one of the foster kids....now a grown man...52...with the mind of 15 year old boy.....came to help out.

Do you remember Carl from CaddyShack??

The greenskeeper????

"It's in the Hole!"

And do you know who Lennie Small is???

Of Mice and Men's Lennie???

"I get to take care of the rabbits! Tell me about the rabbits, George! I get to take care of the rabbits! I'm gonna hold them and pet them!"

The MerryWidow's FarmHand is a cross between Carl and Lenny!!
He can take care of himself....to some degree.
Very helpful....if you want that sort of help.

He can't pass the written so he doesn't drive. He walks every where he needs to go. The BossMan was out makin' a farm call and saw LennyC walkin' down the road, so the neighborly thing to do is pick him up and give him a ride.

Well, one thing about LennyC is he can't stop talkin'! He goes on and on....big plans for the future. He will talk to anybody and tell them more than they want to know!

So when the BossMan makes it back the clinic, he says with a cocky grin, "If anything ever happens to Roy, or you need a place to stay, I KNOW LennyC will take you in!"


Ick!!!! Ick!!!!!!

Every time I go out there to pick her up, LennyC is right there to tell me all about his exploits.
Gamblin', hangin' out in bars, knee surgery, trash truck adventures....whatever....he can talk and talk and talk.

He's always right under foot, while I'm trying to get in my car!! "Lenny! Dude!! Move, so I don't hit you with the door."
But does he move???
Hell No!!!
I hit him with the door and he still doesn't move.....he just wanted to look up my skirt!!!

And then there was the day, I need a part for my pool. The MerryWidow told me I could have hers so she told him to get it and when we came home there he was in his swimming suit struttin' his stuff for me!!!

Oh it's okay I have already seen all the scars before!!
I didn't want to but I have!!!



So when he comes to the clinic, LennyC is wearing his favorite pair of jeans....they are ripped from the bottom of his back pocket to his crotch.....no underwear!!!

The BossMan said after LennyC had left, "When you and he get together, I think you should buy him some new jeans!"


"And some underwear. Did you see that???"

GROSS!!!! NO!!!!


MizAngie said...

Eww!! I went to high school with a guy like you're describing. Some of the guys told the kid that he wasn't a real man until he masturbated (well, jerked-off) so much he bled. That became the guy's goal. Yech. The school nurse had to intervene before the kid rubbed all the hide off himself. We always called Tommy Coy "Lenny." Have you noticed the societal shift? We call people like you and I know a "Lenny" but people 30 and younger call them "Forrest Gumps."

mannyed said...

Lenny!! Those poor rabbits! Annnnyways...referring to MizAngie's comment...I think I would rather be stuck listening to a Forrest Gump than a Lenny. Wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

mail him some boxer shorts anonymously...

Proto said...

...you're killin' me.

Cindy said...


Dawn said...

to funny..