Friday, August 10, 2007

I Sent Him Packin'!!

A week or so ago Roy's aunt sent him a flyer for the Threshermans's thingy. It was her way of invitin' him to Iowa. I have been gettin' emails from his cousins sayin' that the old folks were not in as good a shape as they would like.....he needed to go see them. It could be the last time.
He was real close to them growin' up and I sometimes think he's closer to his aunt than his mother!
I couldn't go as I had my own elderly people I have to contend with this weekend!!
I love to go Iowa and eat the ice cream that the Swedes make!

So he prepped his bike.
I didn't call them to warn them.
He wanted to surprise them.....that's really what they expect from ride over 500 miles to say Hi!

But before he left, I got "The Speech".
Or rather "Speeches"....I have to be told numerous I would forget something!!!
To be good.
To feed and water the critters.
To lock the doors.
To lock the gate.
To shoot to kill.
To not go crazy and buy things he is not gonna like.....Damn it!
I really hate that one!!
He decided to take a of my purses....he doesn't have saddlebags.....or a bitch bar on his bike....which he needs....he is all the time tryin' to knock me off....he has both on the Indian...Thank God!!!
He likes to tell his friends that he popped a wheelie on that 700lb bike only becuz he had the "FatGirl" on the back!

Anyway, we went in search of a bag that he could fit between the windshield and the handlebars...I pulled out the storage box full of purses....the first purse that man pickup was my Kate Spade!!!!
The black one!!!!!!
OH!!! Hell NO!!!!!!
Kate Spade is not goin' to Iowa without me!!!

He gently laid it back down!!
The nerve!!!

We both agreed that he could take one of the brown leather ones. I packed it full with everything he would need. He picked up and was a bit at a loss about how to carry it.
"If you were a man how would you carry it?" Actually came out of his mouth!!
"Just throw in over your shoulder."
He did and out the door he went.
I have called him twice now to see if he has had his purse stolen.
He made it there safely and still has his purse!


Vickie said...

Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go round!!

MizAngie said...

Do you really DO all those things he tells ya to? If so, I'm shocked and a little disappointed...


mannyed said...

hahaha, I love when the husband's shopping with me and i ask him to hold my purse for a sec.

terror, dread, confusion, and panic run across his face all at once.