Thursday, August 30, 2007


No, we still do not have internet at work.....becuz the RedHead still will not take the PC to the Nerds!!! She did want me to call the CreditCardPeople so that they might "walk me thru setup".

I can't get online!!!!
What good does it do to call those people and bother them when it is NOT THEIR PROBLEM!!!!!!

My days are numbered there anyway......just let it all roll off of me like water on a duck's back!!

On the homefront...I'm goin' down to sign up for satellite out the big bucks so I can goof off faster at home!! Woo hoo!!!
And it's official!!
That SurlyBastard has permanently moved in!!
I have really cut him a lot of slack. He's worried about RoySr. They took him to the hospital after passin' out and NEVER CALLED US!!!!
What the hell is wrong with people????
Roy reasons it out that we can't do anything....they just run tests.....he's home now.
If my Granny went to the hospital for any kinda stay and I'm not called....Katy bar the door!!! All hell will break loose!!
So many things can go wrong with our elderly that if I didn't get to be there with her in last moments......The tears fall thinkin' about it!!

Football season officially kicks off this Saturday!!!
THE Sooners are playin' some team from Texas.....HORNED FROGS???? I'll leave it at that.....snickerin' like a Beavis and Butthead.....
THE Cowboys are playin' the Georgia Bulldogs....that should a good game!

And it appears that I can add video to my blog!!
And NO there will be no BoozeFuel'dSexTapes added! But MzGina wanted to hear a conversation between me and Roy....I'll work on it!!

And so now for the tag that was stuck in you know that if you can't get something to work all you have to do is clear the cookies????
Go figure!

THE RULES OF THE TAG ARE: Each person posts the rules before their list, then list 8 thingsabout themselves.At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other peopleand then visits those people's spaces and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come and read the post,so they know what they have to do. HERE IS MY LIST:

1. I am a clotheshorse....I have so many clothes that I have them piled every where!! 4 closets and 4 dressers....clothes everywhere!!!!!
2. I Love Rod Stewart! And I'm not afraid to admit it!
3. I listen to Billie Holiday when I'm sad.....Lady in Autumn.....the best of the verve years.....over and over again.
4. I would love to pose nude....tastefully.....professionally.....better than the "glamourshots"....with lots of furs....I am in tune with myself....and airbrushing.......becuz I'm not that finely tuned.....I want to do it for my hubby.....that he didn't take!
And no you can't see those either!!
5. I Love to cook!!!
6. I can pick up stuff with my toes.
7. I am a free spirit!!! With a lot of rules and restrictions!!!!
8. I don't tag others.....if you want to play along....feel free to do so!!



ventl8r said...

I still have dial-up at home as I do all of my surfing at work on their T3. But I'm seriously considering a cable modem when I go on maternity leave.

Richard said...

Hello Nadine,

Billie Holiday is the best - I even listen to her when I'm not blue.

Clearwire has a good system for interenet and telephone. The hook up part is fun - walking around your computer room holding the modem to see where in the room is your best reception - as if there is much option about where it can go:)

Have a great weekend.

Peace & Blessings.

mannyed said...

Horned Frogs *snicker*

I have a cable modem at home. Love. It.

Jeankfl said...

Do you have allegiance, cox or charter? We just got switched from charter to allegiance because they bought them.. not too happy with some things.. but then there were always problems anyway. My ex-sis-in-law has sattelite out here. Not a fan, particularly... good 8!!