Monday, August 27, 2007

A Blonde and A Redhead....

.....sit down to fix a computer....sounds like a joke!

The thunderstorm that came thru Friday night took out the modem in the PC at work. This makes the 4th one....maybe 5 if you count the one external for the CreditCardThingy. The first one was a doozy!!!
Several years ago lightening struck about 200 yards from the office and a very loud crack came from the PC beside me....dust flew out and everything. That killed not only the modem, but the motherboard....I got a new PC after that!
And the rest I forgot to unplug each day or a storm would sneak up on me. One crack of lightening and it's all over!! We not only have lost computers but the fax machine....and the scales!!

So the BossLady decided that she would just replace it herself instead of paying a nerd or the GeekSquad to do it. I have an external modem but I couldn't get it to needed some tweakin' and I just don't know the Tweakin'Procedure! It would dial but wouldn't recognize the modem. I had it hooked up when she showed up with the new device. I stepped back and let her take over!!

I think I heard her say, "Instructions! We don't need no stinkin' Instructions!"

She looked at and decided to take off a certain side.....I told her to take off the other one! That is the one that the Nerd had off the last time we had work done! But she didn't need in that side!
She took out 2 screws and attempted to take the cover didn't work!
So maybe she would try the side I suggested.....That didn't didn't just pop off!!
She picked up the tower and turned every which way to look it all over to find a way into was makin' me nervous!!

"BossLady, Take it to the surgery table so you work on it and not drop it."

That was a good idea!
So there we were on the surgery table with BOTH sides off and lookin' the whole thing over like we knew what we were doin'....we didn't!
It was dirty in there so she decided to "blow it out" with the air.
And it was determined that the old modem was different from the new modem....though while lookin' for phone line we found another modem that looked good but was the same as the one we just put in...we don't throw any of the PC stuff away....we still have the old PC that doesn't have Windows!!!

After she had the new modem in place and the thing blown out, she put the covers back on and picked it rattled!!

PCs Shouldn't RATTLE!!!!!!!

I can't even describe what happened next....I burnt supper trying to describe it to Roy.....Let's just say that what ever I had before she came in to fix it, it was now broken!!
"Maybe we read the instructions?" She finally said.

Ya Think????

If we hooked up the PC and the phone lines, the phone line went dead! Which exactly what it did when the FaxMachineModem died!!! I disconnected the fax machine and all went back to workin'!!
I am no closer to having internet service at work than I was when I found out the modem died!!

And now she has to call the Nerds!!!!


mannyed said...

so basically no blogging at work until the nerd herd arrives. Well, that blows.

Proto said...

So, is shorting out your phone line a federal offense? Poor fax machine, just being innocent whilst the PC is being worked on.

Susan said...

Bring on the geek squad!

-ksgrrl said...

Ha! The image of the PC tower on the surgery table is classic.