Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Words

intricate(in'tri kit) adj. 1. perplexingly entangled, complicated, or involved. 2. Difficult to follow or understand; puzzling.

"Hooters, Paws, and Claws, This is Nadine."

"I need to know how much it's going to cost to have my cat unblock. I have had it done before and I know that the prices have surely gone up."

"Yes, prices for some services have gone up. I'm not sure exactly how much as that procedure is intricate and I am not sure what all is involved."


"Yes, intricate. The Dr is not in just yet he can give you a better idea...."

I hadn't really heard much of what he said as he was talkin' at the same time I was but I did hear.......

"Well, That's no way to speak to someone!"

And hung up!


What, I ask you, was so wrong with that whole conversation???

So now I have to DumbUp????

I explained it to is a complicated's a cat with a blocked urinary tract!!
Do you know how big a cat's penis is????
And do you know how big the catheter is that you have to stick in it is????
You might as well be threadin' a needle!!
And there is all sorts of other things involved....geez!!
Intricate is the best word!!!

Roy just giggled about it and said not to let it bother me but when I use one of the BigWords, Roy says, "Don't you talk down to me, Missy!"

Ya know what....Kiss my lilywhite ass!!!

He's all the time askin' me to repeat things......he's a Northerner.....and doesn't quite get it the first he can't hear!

"Is it raining there?"

"Yep! Liiighke a cow pissin' ona flllllat rawwwk!"

And then he repeats it.....Like I said it......Damn, I sound like hick....with a high pitched voice! The TechSupport autovoice thingy could not figure it out....whether it was my accent or the pitch....3 calls to them before I figured enough of it out on my own!!!

Does that make me a full fledged nerd???

Do I get a pocket protector badge????

I love SonicBurgers....I get them for Mother's day as that is where the kids's like supporting them though they work at a different Sonic.

I love the RedLobster....If that makes me a be it!

But damn it I have an extensive vocabulary and I'm not afraid to use it!!

I may not be able to spell it but I can say it!


Susan said...

WhiteTrashHo II here. I love Red Lobster too. and I always get a drop of the garlic butter between my tits when I'm eating crab legs.

mannyed said...

The Husband must be a WhiteTrashHo because he loooves The Red Lobster (me-not so much). Hey, I say thinks like Lawn Guyland. I probably say Rawwk, too. I really, really wanna know what our real life conversations would sound like. I bet there would be lots of giggling.

Proto said...

Vocabulary is cool.

Sherrie said...

I'm sure men everywhere are holding their pee-pees. OUCH!

Katy said...

In college I was told that my vocabulary got bigger the more I had to drink (we're talking soft drinks, of course). Thing is, you forget to dumb it down when you've had a couple.