Wednesday, August 08, 2007

80 Days To Go!!!

I need some advice!

I leave for a cruise to Grand Cayman.....and some other ports....they have open bars on beaches....tough call ya think??
But what to do in Grand Cayman??
I don't swim.
So I can't snorkle.
I have NO desire to see SeaTurtles or ButterFlys.
I have been told that the stingrays are an awesome thing to do....but gettin' Roy to do it is another thing all bars on beaches....I don't have to twist his arm!!
And you can parasail!
Roy and I could do it together!!
Roy doesn't want to do that either becuz of all the fat women that have been made fun of on AmericasFunniestHomeVideos that were drug on the beach!!
I don't know what he is drivin' at there!!!???
And then there was that scene in the movie JurassicPark where the huge birds snipped the cable of the that would happen!!!

Any Ideas???

OOOh there will be shoppin' can bet on that!!

And has anyone ever stayed at the Flagship Hotel in Galveston??


Jeankfl said...

OOOOOOHHHHH!! I love Grand Caymen!! Just plan on laying on the beach, having drinks from the bar right there, and eating turtle burgers!! Then go shopping for coral jewelry!! They have absolutely beautiful black coral there!! For good prices. That's what we did! And we had a blast. Seven mile beach is a white sand beach. And it's gorgeous! There are umbrellas, and lounge chairs, and then we walked up the road to the shopping district and bought coral. It was wonderful! And I used to live in Galveston.. Flagship is nice. There are several good restaurants along the Strand that have fresh seafood.I'll get you more info as it gets closer.. You'll have a blast. The most fun vacation we ever took was a cruise. Even Roy will enjoy it. I'll email you more, too.

MizAngie said...

Stayed in the Flagship years ago. it was very nice then. Now..?? I think I would put me a beach chair in the shallow water, order drinks, and never get up - just pee right there in the water. That's MY idea of a great vacation. And the day before I came home I'd go buy some of that coral jewelry Jean is talkin' about. Oh, and get lots of vacation/hotel sex.

Sherrie said...

TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! We'll start at the top of the liquor menu, make our way to the bottom, then start all over again hehehe!

I don't think you really need to know how to swim to snorkle, I think you can do alot of it in pretty shallow water. This is one reason I so want to get over my fear of flying, so I can go snorkling somewhere like that! Oh man I so envy you, I hope you have an amazing time, and maybe one day, we can hook up on some tropical beach somewhere, but no tequila ok? It makes my clothes fall off ~blush~


mannyed said...

Jean and Angie have the right idea, you really can't go wrong with doing what they suggest. Except for the turtle bugers part. I would find more info about that one, lol. Parasailing is fun. I would give it a try. Roy can just stay on the boat if he wants to be a baby about it hehe.

Shopping for coral jealous already.