Monday, July 23, 2007

Time Out!

I won't be back until I finish my Harry Potter book!
I am in the middle of Chapter 22!

No Spoilers for me!!!


VENTL8R said...

Chapter 22 already?!?! I'm only on page 8, but hubby read the last two chapters and has been taunting me all weekend.

Mannyed said...


diane said...

LOL...oh no, you're not one of those Harry Potter nuts, are you?? I won't spoil it for you, cause I've never read any of the Harry Potter books.
I'll always stay in touch with you. No matter where you go; I'll

Proto said...

Great series of books, movies are snoozers though.

MizAngie said...

Please e-mail me and tell me who dies! I don't read the books or watch the movies, but I'm curious about who the author killed off.

Beth said...

i did not know you were into Harry Potter, see we learn something new about each other every day!! Hope you are enjoying the book, i will wait for the movie, I have a hard time keeping up with spaces i sure dont have time to read and scrapbook !!!!
I posted a picture of Party Princess and her new boyfriend some see !!!

Susan said...

Have fun.. I'm going to catch up on your past blogs.. I've been out of the scene for a week or so. Let me know if Harry dies! hehe.. No dont.. I'm just kidding.. So far no one will tell me that has finished the book. I guess I'll just wait till the movie!

Have a good one!