Thursday, July 26, 2007


Have you heard about the cat that knows when a person is gonna die?
It seems it lives in a nursin' home and when a patient is about to die the cat sits by them. He has done this 25 times!!

I'm a bit worried!!

One mornin' big black cat......came in and got in bed with me!!

I got a massage.....he is tryin' to heal the ache in my hip....with cat-like accuracy of where the pain is....he never misses either!

He uses acupuncture also.....Must remember to trim his nails!!

He even tried a new method of pullin' my hair....what that has do with anything I don't know!

By the Way, George's stint as MiceNabber worked well.

The BossMan conceded that he had done his job as neither of us had seen any evidence that the mouse was still about! George went home after only 3 weeks on the job! Roy came in one day and George ran from the room, like he didn't know who Roy was!!

"That's it He's goin' home!"

All the hissin' and cussin' from all the other cats...and Roy.....was unbelievable!
Like they didn't remember George!!
That lasted for about 1 week and everyone mellowed out.....even Roy!

So now George is the Healer....I hope!

After pushin' him away when started pullin' my hair....he sat at the end of the bed and watched me!!

That's just days must be numbered!!

He is over my shoulder...RIGHT NOW!!!


MizAngie said...

Hahahaha. You know, the cat probably sat by one or two old people that died. Then word got out that if the cat sits by you, you die, so everyone else has had a heart attack when the cat comes by for a visit. Hahahahaha!!! I mean, shit, it's an old folks home. The odds of the cat being right are pretty damn high!

And yes, I want the purse!!!!

cathy said...

Ha ha, I read about Ocsar also and thought the same as mizangie, there OLD but heck weirder things have happened so why not?? I do like the purse to cute :) Never got into Harry Potter, does he die?? Ok have a great weekend and TTYL, hugs~cathy~

VENTL8R said...

I think Oscar is right on. Animals have that ability. The report stated that a couple of times he would lay on the bed then leave because it was too soon.

mannyed said...

I heard this story yesterday, its pretty damn interesting! But I don't think George is your grim rea-purr, he just looooves you.

Sherry said...

I knew there was a reason I don't like cats lol. Now I know I'll never have one in my house!
Have a great weekend ya hear!

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
Omg....George is the spitting image of my cat Cole....they could be
I really think you should buy that BMW that you have your heart set on. You can tell Hubby I said it's okay for you to buy

Sherrie said...

I did see about that cat on the news lastnight, so now everytime Garfield climbs up on the couch behind me and settles down I freak. LOL man oh man.......