Monday, July 30, 2007

The New Mini-Poll

MzWarm suggested months ago that I quiz about sex....I am game for that. I just couldn't think of the best question to ask!
I don't want to get TOO personal! Kink? B&D?? S&M??? Anal???
And then Blogger came up with this new way of pollin'....I had to try it. So the question was about role playing....Do you role play during sex?
I thought that was an easy enough question not to get my tit in the wringer!

I was shocked!!!
2 weeks into this poll....I WAS THE ONLY YES VOTE!!!!!

Seriously???? You don't????

You don't play Prisoner and the Warden's wife??? No handcuffs????
Alice and the Mad Hatter??? I have a dress.....stockings....and ruffled panties!
And you have seen the shoes!!! The Platform MaryJanes!!!
Hef and the Bunny?? I have an outfit for that too!

Now that it's time to close the poll at least 7 people have answered yes!
Oh Thank Goodness!!
So 65% of the voters do not role play during sex.
I am so sorry for that!

Is it becuz you have little children? I can understand that one.
Is it becuz you are not in tune with your inner Princess Leia? Which by way, will be my next costume.
Or are you afraid of what the neighbor will say if they see you playin' RichBitch and the PoolDude??

aaahhhh....To Each His/Her Own.........


jeankfl said...

I know.. I was shocked, too. I thought everyone did! It makes everything so much fun! Oh, well, maybe they'll learn what they're missing!

MizAngie said...

Okay, I want to change my answer! I do role-play. I play like I'm not by myself! hahahahhaha

Oh, Lord. I wish I were kidding about that. {big sigh}

jeankfl said...

LOL, Miz Angie!! Nadine, the guy by sailboat bridge sometimes has good stuff, and sometimes doesn't. The best one is usually the guy by the Arby's across from the wallyworld. Used to there was a bbbaaaaaddd one right by the cheapo depot. His other stuff was WONDERFUL..but the corn was kind of bad. I just went today and got fresh cantaloupe, tomatoes, cucumbers and yellow squash from my bff's dad. Nothin like fresh grown!

mannyed said...

OMG, I'm rolling! First after reading yoru post, then MizAngie's comment followed by Jean's. I had nooo idea what Jean was talking about until she said corn. Ok, I need to go wipe the tears away.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I don't because in my opinion if we roleplay then it's like he is making love to another woman, not his wife!

Beth said...

OMG i am laughing so hard right now.....same as Mannyed, after reading the blog then the comments it hurts to comment !!!!!!! I will think of this all day and people will wonder what i am laughing at LOL.

VENTL8R said...


More than I ever wanted to know. About any of you! I don't know if me-n-hubs "roll played" per se, but we have used tube socks as handcuffs in the past.

Much easier on the wrists.

Sherrie said...

I dance naked in thunder and lightning tell me if I was a yes or a no ~wink~

cathy said...

OMG it's never dull in here all those comments just had me laughing, and thinking of the good ole days' in the French maids outfit, now it's more like a loose "T" LOL
BTW love the dogs!!!

Beth said...

hey ya, if you sent an email i didnt get it or were you talking about something else

kfarm said...

Of course I do. However, it is not advised when you have young children. Why you ask? Okay, so get a mental picture (well maybe not) I am in my cowgirl boots my little short skirt with fringe and ahem...nothing else. I am getting ready to ride the pony when lighting struck, the thunder rolled and I am talkin about outside. My 4 year old daughter comes running into the bedroom and I almost had a stroke. I don't think she noticed anything at the time because she was so scared. Mommy was too. I hid in the bathroom for half an hour.

Jeankfl said...

Lord... I never expected to give everyone such enjoyment out of telling Nadine where to get good corn!!LOL You guys are sooo funny! I guess it did read kind of funny given the subject matter of the post! Nadine, I guess next time I'll email you!!lol

Princess said...

Hello my dearest yes i have returned ...just a quick hello for i have lots to get done hugs & love ~PPA~

big dog mom pam said...

Rich bitch and pool dude?! Now that sounds interesting. But it's kind of hard to do that when the doggies are watching . . . worse than having little ones . .. but that's a whole 'nother story.

southerngirl said...

Wow, I come over for a first visit from MSN spaces and this is what I find? LOL...I LIKE it here! ;)

Since I just dropped by and haven't been here before, I might reserve my answer til I know you