Wednesday, July 11, 2007

National FigLeafDay!!

Woo Hoo!!

Let me start over....

Yesterday, when I came thru the door, the light was flashin' on the caller ID....Not a number I recognize....Roy either...we screen....but a message was left on the answerin' machine.
Roy couldn't understand one single word said so it was up to me to decipher the message.

I listened and came up with:
A) it was my sister.
B) it was National FigLeafDay.

My sister has the same squeaky voice as I do but she speaks more softly....I have over come that squeakiness by being loud.....I speak a bit more clearly and distinctly....but her....very hard to discern what was she is sayin' on all the modern devices....cell phones and digital answerin' machines!

Roy and I were amused that she would call to tell me that it was National FigLeafDay and that there was a day for it!!
I called her voicemail thingy....I left this message:
"Happy National FigLeafDay to you too! We are wearin' nothin' but our Figleaves for the occasion. Do you want me to send pictures? Love Ya!"

It wasn't 5 minutes later that she called me back.
"Sister! Not National FigLeafDay!"
And she repeated what "Day" it was.
I replied, "Fiddlin' Day?"
I was baffled by this....why would she call me for "Fiddlin' Day"??

"NO, NO, NO!!"
and she repeated it again.
I have absolutely no clue to what she just said!!
"Spell it!"

There was a long pause....we don't mother left me a note once when I was 14 to "flod" the clothes....she hasn't lived that down.
We don't spell....So my sister said, "Brothers and Sisters? It's Brothers and Sisters Day!!"

The light bulb switched on..."OOOOOOOOOOOh, Siblings!!! I get it! And YOU thought it was best to call your idiot sister??"

"Yes! Now put your clothes back on and DON'T send pictures!!!"

And I'm the smart one!!


VENTL8R said...

*wipes coffee off of my computer screen*

Next time, warn your gentle readers NOT to drink whilst reading this post, mmm'kay?

mannyed said...

!!! LOL !!! That was hysterical! I can't believe I missed National Figleaf Day and National Siblings Day, teehee. So sweet that your sister called you, though, hahaha.

Great post, Nadine!

Dawn said...

took me awhile...but I'm all caught back up...I loved the post about the dropped call....I'm such a mean girl that this is truly funny to me....
...and the FigLeafDay post is great to.

Have a great day Nadine.

MizAngie said...

Can't write....laughing too hard....

Madge said...

Too funny! You don't happen to be my sister? We share the same thing - high pitched voices, mine is way louder than hers though! I think I'm leaning more towards the "FigLeaf Day" idea with the way the heat's been lately. Take care, M