Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's In the Bag!

MrsBullMoose and I went shoppin' at our favorite place....TheResaleShop! She likes purses and shoes about as much as I do.

I am just thankful her foot is bigger....and older.....she would fall off the heels I wear....Hell! I do!!

She has beat me outta two purses!

A very nice leather Liz Claiborne...and I bought it for her.....she thought she left her purse in the car.....and then realized it was under the checkout......geez!!

And a Tod's of Italy...we both watched it for months.....they wanted $80 for it....she walked in one day and while I had my back to her....I was lookin' over skirts.....she saw it had been knocked down to $40!!!!

And she would not let me have it!!

But today.....I found the cutest little straw purse with a black leather cute!!

"Are you gonna buy it?"

"Of Course I am!"

"Are you sure?"


Then we went to the casino....she gets free money to play on....she made $30. I made $ paid for my purse.

On our way to the CandyHouse, we stopped at a VetOffice for her to ask about stuff I don't deal with....I shopped in the tack room.....they had the cutest purses!!

A cross between KateSpade and a Nacona Saddle bags...with all the sparklies and matchin' belts!

And there it was....THE PURSE....the skies opened up and the light shone down.....the angels flew down and brought it to me......THE PURSE......the one that calls to you, "Add me to your collection!'

I instantly put mine down and picked up my new purse!

It is pink with rhinestone and THE SOFTEST butta.....and it was marked 1/2 price!!!!!!!!!!!!


MrsBullMoose doesn't miss a beat....she must have heard the music!

"Are you gonna buy it?"

"Oh Yes!"

"Well what if I want it?"

Have you ever seen an 82 year old woman pout?

"Too Bad so Sad!! It's mine!! No, just kiddin'. There is another one!"

And then she acted like she didn't want it!

"No I don't have anything to wear with it."

"The blouse you have on is pink! And you bought a pair of pink tennis shoes in February!"

"Okay...I want it."

"Oh good, then we can be twins!!"

She rolled her eyes!!

We have loads of fun.


MizAngie said...

You and your bling! Hahaha. You and I would be like a mudhen and a swan if we were side by side. Me with my neutral purses, you with sparklies and colors. Ha!!

Sherrie said...

I think you could give lessons on shopping ya know that?! Too funny, have a great day lady.


mannyed said...

How awesome that your casino winnings paid for one of your new bags!! That's like winning the lotto! (to me, anyways!). Patiently waiting for pics of your new finds. :o)

dawn said...

ha to cute...
yep we definitley need to see a picture of the purse that caused lights to shine and angels to sing....

Proto said...

A wallet wears out every ten years, and when it does, I reluctantly buy one, or get one as a gift. I can not understand accessorizing these things.

Billie said...

That sounds like so much fun to shop with someone else. I shop with my hubby who has amazing stamina (more than any other woman I know) but I am not sure that I would classify it as fun. Lets just say he wouldn't try to beat me to buying a purse or shoes for himself! *grin*