Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's Bad!

Yep! It is!
Something like 600 homes are involved.....shelters are set up.....roads closed. In the past I haven't been allowed to the office.....But here I am....so I don't know where the closed roads are.

And it's not over yet....the water is not expected to stop raisin' until tomorrow morning.

Let me tell I have heard some HUGE rumors!

A dam broke....not true.
A huge 35 foot wave is comin'.....soooo not true!!
Free animal shelter set up along side the RedCrossShelter...true!
The National Guard is on the scene....true!

And in other news....Roy is at home rippin' up my kitchen floor in an attempt to fix the hole!!

I'm glad I'm at work!
These little projects of his are costly, messy, and if I am there, I just get yelled at....Hey if you want to do it that way and regret it later....go right ahead....and I'm always right!!!
He has alread called 3 times...once to say he hasn't seen not one cat since he started!

They better not be outside!!!

Have a great day and fabulous 4th of July!


Beth said...

Man, i hope all is well with you and yours. Glad to hear you are on a hill, that does help. good luck with the repairs at home, its not fun i know. i will be back for an update later

Proto said...

We have only had three and a half inches in the last twelve months, give some of that rain back, will ya. Our average in the desert we call southern california is suppose to be fifteen to sixteen inches a year. And a little fish called a 'smelt' is near the pumps in the bay delta of northern california so the state shut the pumps down. Water is bringing a high price down here now. Ship it! And I'm sure the cats are fine.

Mannyed said...

Hi Nadine...glad you posted! Can't believe the amt of homes that have been destroyed. I saw a weatherman reporting the weather with water well past his knees! Stay dry! And sane. So pysched that you are getting a new floor!

Sherrie said...

Oh oh.......I best be reading further down the page to catch myself up on what's going on in your neck of the woods. Hope you're all ok and that you have a good fourth of July ~hugs~

P.S. I've been sick with a nasty cold or whatever the heck it is, I'll be blogging soon though :-)

MizAngie said...

It's raining here again as I write - and it's heading your way! Ugh! Un-be-frickin'-lievable! You better get home and stay on your hill.

Take care and stay dry!