Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Hightower Dropped Call...

As we all know Roy likes to call me....and ask me all sorts of the things. From personal observations to road and weather reports to how to work the Cd Player. Usually, it's while he is watchin' Millionaire. I am his "phone-a-friend". He and I would go far in that game! I always have all my life-lines when the actually player craps out!!

But anyway, one day after he called time after time....I decided to mess with his mind! It's my mess with his mind....I'm good at it!!

I answered,"Hey!! If you keep callin' me my husband is gonna get suspicious!"

and there was nothing.....not one word!!

I just kept talkin'.....he never said one word!!

Which is really weird....he's full of come-backs.....I turned my phone around to look at it and the call had ended!


I snapped mine shut!
And it started ringin'.....or rather...."Bad to the Bone! BBBBad Bad to the Bone!" He's the only one who has that ringtone.

"Yes, Sir?" Tryin' to contain my laughter!

"That wasn't funny! It went dead! Talk about the worst time to have a dropped called!! I have never had a more sick feelin' in my stomach as to hear MY WIFE say, 'my husband is gonna get suspicious'!!!!

I was rollin' on the floor...I have a mean streak....."Lighten Up, Francis!!"

It's my job and I love it!!


Sherrie said...

LOL I just love the way you torment that poor man! Obviously he must love every minute of it, he just won't admit it.

Hubby's phone plays "Browneyed girl" when I call....

mannyed said...

It's your classic Verizon commerical? Or is the Cingular/AT&T commercials? Whichever, those situations crack me up!

cathy said...

LOL it's great to keep them on there toes!! Is it Friday yet arggg not in the mood to work today oh hell that's everyday.

kfarm said...

I hope this posts because I have left 3 comments and cannot see them.

Beth said...

that is funny !!!!
and i cant thank you enough for hooking me up with the tracker, and yes i have had fun with it , and you would be amazed who stops by, well until i posted that blog anyway lol

Proto said...


MizAngie said...

My friend's phone plays "The Bitch is back..." when I call him. How hateful is THAT? But appropriate.