Monday, July 30, 2007

The New Mini-Poll

MzWarm suggested months ago that I quiz about sex....I am game for that. I just couldn't think of the best question to ask!
I don't want to get TOO personal! Kink? B&D?? S&M??? Anal???
And then Blogger came up with this new way of pollin'....I had to try it. So the question was about role playing....Do you role play during sex?
I thought that was an easy enough question not to get my tit in the wringer!

I was shocked!!!
2 weeks into this poll....I WAS THE ONLY YES VOTE!!!!!

Seriously???? You don't????

You don't play Prisoner and the Warden's wife??? No handcuffs????
Alice and the Mad Hatter??? I have a dress.....stockings....and ruffled panties!
And you have seen the shoes!!! The Platform MaryJanes!!!
Hef and the Bunny?? I have an outfit for that too!

Now that it's time to close the poll at least 7 people have answered yes!
Oh Thank Goodness!!
So 65% of the voters do not role play during sex.
I am so sorry for that!

Is it becuz you have little children? I can understand that one.
Is it becuz you are not in tune with your inner Princess Leia? Which by way, will be my next costume.
Or are you afraid of what the neighbor will say if they see you playin' RichBitch and the PoolDude??

aaahhhh....To Each His/Her Own.........

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Tried!

Roy has been teasin' ....or torturin''s all in how I choose to look at it...about the purchase of a new car.

I would drive a used car. But it has to be a cool car.

But Roy says, "I don't care what it looks like if it gets 50 miles to the gallon, I'm buyin' it!"

Yeah right!!!!

So, we were watchin' TV when this ad for the new line of BMWs come on.

Boy! Are they pretty!!
My little blonde brain starts ta thinkin'.........

"Honey, the fine print says that they get 50 miles per gallon! And I know you are a man of your word. Can we go test drive tomorrow?"

Why does he always roll his eyes????

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Have you heard about the cat that knows when a person is gonna die?
It seems it lives in a nursin' home and when a patient is about to die the cat sits by them. He has done this 25 times!!

I'm a bit worried!!

One mornin' big black cat......came in and got in bed with me!!

I got a massage.....he is tryin' to heal the ache in my hip....with cat-like accuracy of where the pain is....he never misses either!

He uses acupuncture also.....Must remember to trim his nails!!

He even tried a new method of pullin' my hair....what that has do with anything I don't know!

By the Way, George's stint as MiceNabber worked well.

The BossMan conceded that he had done his job as neither of us had seen any evidence that the mouse was still about! George went home after only 3 weeks on the job! Roy came in one day and George ran from the room, like he didn't know who Roy was!!

"That's it He's goin' home!"

All the hissin' and cussin' from all the other cats...and Roy.....was unbelievable!
Like they didn't remember George!!
That lasted for about 1 week and everyone mellowed out.....even Roy!

So now George is the Healer....I hope!

After pushin' him away when started pullin' my hair....he sat at the end of the bed and watched me!!

That's just days must be numbered!!

He is over my shoulder...RIGHT NOW!!!

Do You Hear the Music??

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's In the Bag!

MrsBullMoose and I went shoppin' at our favorite place....TheResaleShop! She likes purses and shoes about as much as I do.

I am just thankful her foot is bigger....and older.....she would fall off the heels I wear....Hell! I do!!

She has beat me outta two purses!

A very nice leather Liz Claiborne...and I bought it for her.....she thought she left her purse in the car.....and then realized it was under the checkout......geez!!

And a Tod's of Italy...we both watched it for months.....they wanted $80 for it....she walked in one day and while I had my back to her....I was lookin' over skirts.....she saw it had been knocked down to $40!!!!

And she would not let me have it!!

But today.....I found the cutest little straw purse with a black leather cute!!

"Are you gonna buy it?"

"Of Course I am!"

"Are you sure?"


Then we went to the casino....she gets free money to play on....she made $30. I made $ paid for my purse.

On our way to the CandyHouse, we stopped at a VetOffice for her to ask about stuff I don't deal with....I shopped in the tack room.....they had the cutest purses!!

A cross between KateSpade and a Nacona Saddle bags...with all the sparklies and matchin' belts!

And there it was....THE PURSE....the skies opened up and the light shone down.....the angels flew down and brought it to me......THE PURSE......the one that calls to you, "Add me to your collection!'

I instantly put mine down and picked up my new purse!

It is pink with rhinestone and THE SOFTEST butta.....and it was marked 1/2 price!!!!!!!!!!!!


MrsBullMoose doesn't miss a beat....she must have heard the music!

"Are you gonna buy it?"

"Oh Yes!"

"Well what if I want it?"

Have you ever seen an 82 year old woman pout?

"Too Bad so Sad!! It's mine!! No, just kiddin'. There is another one!"

And then she acted like she didn't want it!

"No I don't have anything to wear with it."

"The blouse you have on is pink! And you bought a pair of pink tennis shoes in February!"

"Okay...I want it."

"Oh good, then we can be twins!!"

She rolled her eyes!!

We have loads of fun.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I like most everyone else pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows way back in February through Amazon. I had shipped to the office....but it was UPS...shipped on SATURDAY!!!!!!
So I moped around all day.....kickin' myself for not shippin' to my PO Box!!
Roy and I went to town early Sunday morin' to feed and water the critters at the office. I checked the mailbox for any one would pay their frickin' bill!
And there it was!!!
I don't know and I don't care how it got there!!!
But I had my book!!!!

Roy asked,"What is a Muggle?"
It had a message to all muggles to not deliver before July 21.
"It's non-magical people."
"Then why didn't THE MAGICAL PEOPLE bring it to you?"
"Have you not been payin' attention? It would come by Owl?"
He rolled his eyes!!

I read all day Sunday and all day at work on Monday......And I finished the last 3 chapters at home last night!

I didn't cry until the last two pages.....I read that name! I couldn't help myself....the tears just fell!!
Roy was in the bathtub by now, and could hear me up off the couch walkin' around.

"Are you finished?"


"Are you cryin'?"


"You are so weird!"


For those of you who haven't read the books, do it!
The movies do not do the books justice!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Time Out!

I won't be back until I finish my Harry Potter book!
I am in the middle of Chapter 22!

No Spoilers for me!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday Kicked My Ass!!

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to have Thursdays off!
The person that comes works Thursdays is about a useful as tits on a boar hog! So I have all of the feedin' and cleanin' to catch up.
And the surgery instruments I didn't finish on Wednesday!! I had been here 10 hours on Wednesday and by the time it was 5:15, I was ready to book it home! If somebody would manage their time better....I would get to my lunch HOUR and get to go home on time!

I didn't have time to goof until nearly 3:30!! And then Internet was all squeehawed and draggin' it dialup ass!! FridayBlog!

"Thank you" to those who added to the discussion about children and parents. Everyone has great ideas. It's not easy from any direction though....but we'll manage!

Corn: Yes, He Buys His Own from NOW ON!!
And Yes, Iowans are a bit of CornSnobs!
And Yes, it helps you poop good!

I am off to catch up with the rest of the blog world!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Children of the Corn

Roy is fanatical about 3 things, Harleys, me, and Corn.....some days I'm in the number one position...sometimes not!

He was raised on a farm in Iowa and is a total snob about corn! It's just unbelievable the passion he has for it. This is the first year we didn't grow it ourselves. He has, just flat, been too tired to put out the big garden.

I have tomatoes and peppers planted....I can't live with out my tomatoes and peppers!

I was told that I am not to buy that crap they have at Walmart that THEY call corn...."It's FieldCorn! I don't care what they say it is!"

Soooo....I am at the mercy of the local farmers for HIS PASSION. That is where my adventure begins.....

Armed with $60 I mounted up on my trusty stead on my lunch hour on Monday and headed for the Mennonites to buy corn. Only to find out that some varmit had gotten into the garden and had eaten their crop........Shit!!
Try to express your frustration in front of a young amish-type girl!!! I wonder if I shouldn't have even said "crap!"???

Plan B....a elderly man that always has a sign out for different types of veggies.
Yep he had corn!!

I had $60.....all 20's!!
He has an honor system for paying for the veggies and there was no change in the can!! He wanted $2 for 6 ears!
I dug around in my car....I wasn't about to give my Silver's in the car to ward off bad luck.....though I have it comin' out my pores......I can't find the rabbit's foot I used to carry....and my four leaf cover is missin'.......So the '64 Quarter stays in the car!!
I managed to come up with $1.80 in change.....I wasn't about to buy $20 of cukes and tomatoes....I have tomatoes........So I took the corn with full intentions of coming back to give the man his 20 cents.

I backed around to leave, thinkin' what to do and watchin' the flow of traffic. He lives near a very dangerous intersection....I have to pull out in the middle of a hill....past his freakin' shrubs and his veggies sign.

That is such a bad spot for your sign!!

I looked left and glanced right.
I looked left again and pulled out.....Poof!
There was a car!!


I slammed on the brakes....I was good. I would have hit her in the front quart panel!
The old lady that appeared from NO FREAKIN' WHERE never even looked at me. It wasn't her fault!
But Lawsy where did she come from?????
I went back to the office and changed out my twenty and went back to the old man's home. I was gonna count the change and make sure I didn't miscount the first time.....I was rushed....I could have miss counted the pennies!
The can was empty.
I had to grin about that....either he isn't all that trustin' of the HonorSystem or he really needs the money!!!
I wasn't gone a total of 3 minutes...4 tops!!
I just dropped in what I thought I owed him and bought some other things.....the man had okra......and I didn't want to look like a complete idiot....though I seem to have a flashin' sign tape to my forehead!!

I backed around.....lookin' over traffic....I looked left and LOOKED right.....I gave right a real good look over this time.....I looked left again and one more time to the right around the edge of that freakin' sign....and once more to the left.....Go!!

And a car crested the hill!!


Slammd on the brakes.....He would have hit ME in the front quart panel!
I started cussin' like a sailor....It was so not worth it!!!
My heart is racin' about as fast as my mouth.....It is sooooooo not worth it!!
Corn or no corn!!!


But.......that voice......that says stupid things to "sure have another shot of tequila"....after having 6.
"sure, buy that pair of shoes"......that are still in the box....never to be worn.
"buy that purse".......that you haven't used.
And some not so stupid things...."don't grab that Rottweiller by the collar!"
That Voice.... popped into my pea brain.....let's stop next door at THE Other Man's house and get some green beans!!!

Which didn't pan green now I have to pull out of his driveway!!

My Quarter saved my ass yet again...BUT......

I don't care how much Roy loves Corn.
I don't care how much I love Roy.
I will not ever.....go do that again!!

And the real kick in the wasn't good corn!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When Does It Stop?

MzGina brought up a good point....the other side of the coin!

When does a child finally stop caring so much about what the parents will think?

I had to go thru therapy to come to the conclusion that you just let it go....There are some people that you can't stop trying to please them and be yourself!
You just let go....Oh you have to take BabySteps.........It's not easy!

I have mother issues...and grandfather issues....both are quick to criticize....and Never....Ever.... give me a pat on the back and say, "Good Job!"
I have never once heard my grandpa brag about StupidAss Cousin that spent time in jail....yes!

Me, No!
I made something of my life.....I can afford good attorneys!!

There is ALWAYS something wrong with whatever I did!!
I just wanted my mother to mother....she didn't want to be my mother...she doesn't want to be a friend either.

When you walk into your mother's home and she rolls her eyes that you stopped in to you feel welcome??

I didn't!

Both can bring me to tears.
My mother uses...tries to use my dad against me by sayin' "Your daddy would be so upset with you!"
She did that just 6 years ago....he has been dead for 25 years!!!
She knows that just cuts me to the quick!

I tolerate her presence.
I don't speak to my grandpa unless I have to...which is not very often!

And as MzAngie said, "My siblings and I grew up in the same house and we all turned out so differently with just a few common personality traits that are difficult to spot."
That is so and mine are the same...that incident in the rockin' chair....RubyJune remembers it all together different!
My mother dotes on my she's the only child!!
But I have learned to let it's the way life is....I can't change her and she's not changin' me! I type this out....not one tear falls......I have passed a milestone! Daddy would be so proud!!

I'm not saying that every parent is like mine but the idea is the same:

Respect yourself!
Be proud of your life!
Learn from bad decisions!
Realize your mistakes and deal with the consequences!
But as a parent, We will be there when we are needed!
And as a child, when the time comes, I will be there with my pillow to smother My's what she wants....she told me.....she knows RubyJune will not "pull the plug" but my mother knows I will!!

Seriously, there are no easy answers. WE do what is best for us and our situation.

Monday, July 16, 2007

When Does It Stop???

I have been thinkin' about this for awhile....Trying to get it sorted out in my mind. At some point in our lives we all must do it!

When do you let your children live their lives??
Stop givin' them advice?
Stop toleratin' bad behaviour?
Stop sendin' money?

I know if a woman that still has a son that lives at home...he's 23. He is abusive to his mother and threatened to kill her pets. She has gotten a restrainin' order against him. But I don't see how that is goin' to work.....they live together!!
And that is the problem....he won't go away!

Another couple have put their daughter in rehab....she's 23. They are paying for it. I understand them wantin' to help her get her life back together. The husband is so bitter about it....he has said things that are so selfish about the ordeal....after rehab he's cuttin' her loose! "She's on her own!"

I agree to a point. There comes a time when your child has to live their own life. They have to stand on their own two feet!
But when is that time??

I had to let go of my girls at an early age....there wasn't anything I could do.....only one speaks to me....and when she does it's "Mom, I have news."


"Let me sit down for this."

"Oh Mom! It's good news! I'm pregnant!"

Shit!!!! Shit!!!!! Shit!!!!

No tears fell this time.
No long speeches.

I just take a deep breath.....let it out.....It's not good news to find out your unmarried daughter is pregnant for the 3rd time!

The UnMarried thing is my fault or to my credit....depends on which side you take....I didn't want her tied down to a loser.....he won't work....what a dumbass!!! She has to learn on her own she deserves better!

I have let her live her own life.....make her own mistakes.....let her fall her up, dust her off and send her on her way!
It's all I can do!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cheap Thrills...

...I have to have them.
I don't know why.
But I had to do it.
I guess I need adventure....Deep down, I'm a thrill seeker.

He was scared.
He was young.
It was his first time.
I was a strange woman.
It was a strange room.

I looked him straight in the eye and spoke softly, "It's alright. I won't harm you. I know how to make you calm."
He seemed to ease a bit.
I continued, "Just trust me. It's for the best."
I reached for his face.
It was a sweet face with big brown eyes.
I promised to be gentle.
I ran my hand under his chin and around to his ear....he tensed.

"It's okay, This isn't my first rodeo."
I reached out with my other hand and put it over his shoulder.
I could feel his tension ease away as I wrapped my arms around him.

I heard a voice from behind the door.

"Have you got ahold of that dog yet? I don't want bit!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

National FigLeafDay!!

Woo Hoo!!

Let me start over....

Yesterday, when I came thru the door, the light was flashin' on the caller ID....Not a number I recognize....Roy either...we screen....but a message was left on the answerin' machine.
Roy couldn't understand one single word said so it was up to me to decipher the message.

I listened and came up with:
A) it was my sister.
B) it was National FigLeafDay.

My sister has the same squeaky voice as I do but she speaks more softly....I have over come that squeakiness by being loud.....I speak a bit more clearly and distinctly....but her....very hard to discern what was she is sayin' on all the modern devices....cell phones and digital answerin' machines!

Roy and I were amused that she would call to tell me that it was National FigLeafDay and that there was a day for it!!
I called her voicemail thingy....I left this message:
"Happy National FigLeafDay to you too! We are wearin' nothin' but our Figleaves for the occasion. Do you want me to send pictures? Love Ya!"

It wasn't 5 minutes later that she called me back.
"Sister! Not National FigLeafDay!"
And she repeated what "Day" it was.
I replied, "Fiddlin' Day?"
I was baffled by this....why would she call me for "Fiddlin' Day"??

"NO, NO, NO!!"
and she repeated it again.
I have absolutely no clue to what she just said!!
"Spell it!"

There was a long pause....we don't mother left me a note once when I was 14 to "flod" the clothes....she hasn't lived that down.
We don't spell....So my sister said, "Brothers and Sisters? It's Brothers and Sisters Day!!"

The light bulb switched on..."OOOOOOOOOOOh, Siblings!!! I get it! And YOU thought it was best to call your idiot sister??"

"Yes! Now put your clothes back on and DON'T send pictures!!!"

And I'm the smart one!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Crap....

I finally looked at the video of the flood you know that idiot that happens to be on the scene of great event but is so excited by the event that they can't hold the camera still???

It wasn't a great fiery was just water.....but I was tryin' to film it and look at it at the same time.....and it's crap!!

So I won't grow up to be a news reporter! Rats!!

I spent my time off lollin' about in the pool.....Roy worked his ass off!!
There was mowin' to be done!
I offered to help but was rebuffed....I tend to break it's for the best that I just loll about in the pool!

FYI: Coppertone's Sport sunscreen 50 spray on like a charm!!
I buy that becuz it's perfect for Roy! He's a sweater....and it's waterproof!
Normally, I buy the Baby Sunscreen becuz what will keep a baby safe in the sun will work well for me. I was very happy with the results of the Sport Sunscreen.

And my ringtone on Roy's phone, "Red High Heels"

"Oh, you can watch me walk if you want to, want to
I bet you want me back now don't you, don't you
I'm about to show you just how missin' me feels
In my red high heels"

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Hightower Dropped Call...

As we all know Roy likes to call me....and ask me all sorts of the things. From personal observations to road and weather reports to how to work the Cd Player. Usually, it's while he is watchin' Millionaire. I am his "phone-a-friend". He and I would go far in that game! I always have all my life-lines when the actually player craps out!!

But anyway, one day after he called time after time....I decided to mess with his mind! It's my mess with his mind....I'm good at it!!

I answered,"Hey!! If you keep callin' me my husband is gonna get suspicious!"

and there was nothing.....not one word!!

I just kept talkin'.....he never said one word!!

Which is really weird....he's full of come-backs.....I turned my phone around to look at it and the call had ended!


I snapped mine shut!
And it started ringin'.....or rather...."Bad to the Bone! BBBBad Bad to the Bone!" He's the only one who has that ringtone.

"Yes, Sir?" Tryin' to contain my laughter!

"That wasn't funny! It went dead! Talk about the worst time to have a dropped called!! I have never had a more sick feelin' in my stomach as to hear MY WIFE say, 'my husband is gonna get suspicious'!!!!

I was rollin' on the floor...I have a mean streak....."Lighten Up, Francis!!"

It's my job and I love it!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

07/07/07...Should Be My Lucky Day!!

I could go to the Casino and win big....think positive!!!

Today's the Day!!

And then at exactly at 7:00Am the power went off!!!
It's the jinx!!
My day is shot to Hell!

This happened once before....Roy's lucky day is Friday the 13th. He was born on Friday the 13th. Nothing can go wrong for him.

One Friday the 13th he suited up to go to the good cop that he was....all tough and was his day....Think good positive thoughts!
He would fight crime and put the bad guys in jail!!

Can you see his cape wavin' in the breeze???

That day, as he rolled out of the driveway, a black cat ran in front of him. That one act sucked out all the good Mojo he had goin'....and by the end of the day, he was lucky to be alive!!
It's a tale I can't tell.
I'm just thankful that the powers that be allowed the engineers at GM to have the brains to evolve seat belts and airbags into something so fabulous that he could walk away from the crash.
Wear them!! I believe in them!!

So is my Mojo gone for the day.....time will tell!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

What A Week!!

I'm glad it's over!!
I have post a few pictures of the Roy's project and of flood....look to the right for the link.

I have video of the flooded area but I still haven't looked at it myself. I tried to keep my potty mouth out of most of it as Roy's parents will want to see it.

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Roy's Kitchen Repair Project and Phone Calls

It started at 7:30.....Tuesday Mornin'.....

Roy calls, "Did you make it to work?"
There was some concern about that....the floodin' may keep me from gettin' to work....But Not Today!

He calls later, "How do you work the CD player?"
A quick refresher course and he and Creedence are dancin' in the kitchen.

It wasn't long after that he called again, "Look!"
I'm 12 miles away!!! Look at what????
"Think about your ex-husband! Look!!"
"Oooooh Honey, how did you hurt yourself?"
My Ex-husband was a klutz....and I didn't give him that "oooBaby, Baby" attention he thought he deserved. After 9 totally painful months of marriage I had pure disdain for him. He was outside workin' on a junk car.....he pulled the steerin' wheel off and managed to hit himself in the head. He came runnin' in the house past me to bathroom to check the damage. Of course I didn't follow him.....I didn't care! He came back the livin' room and stood directly in front of me and pointed to his head....very jerky and stiff he pointed at his wound. As if to say "Look!"
All I could do was laugh becuz of his actions.....just too funny!! He was so worried he needed medical attention as Blood was surely runnin' down his was not!!
"All that is leakin' out is probably brain fluid and we all know that's not don't have one!!"
Have I ever told you how much I hate Earl Lee???

Back to Roy's booboo....while dancin' in the kitchen he put his hand into the ceilin' fan...Men!!

My cell phone starts playin' Bad to the Bone....and stops before I can pick it up.


My Husband....light of my workin' at home alone on a project.....and he calls but hangs he hurt???? He has already hurt himself once!!!!!
I call him right back!
No Answer on his cell!!! He can't hear it becuz of the CD player!!!!!!
I call the house phone!!!!
No Answer but I do leave a message on the answerin' machine.
I invoked a New Rule!!!
"There are to be no "Nevermind Calls" while you are home alone and could be hurt or electrocuted or dead! YOU will leave me a message, on one of the two phones I am at! We Clear!!"
He called to say "We Clear!"
Oh, He bucked and kicked about it....sayin' it was unfair that he had to account for his every move but I do not.....That's life, Deal with it!
"Or I will throw your supper over the fence to the dogs...AGAIN!" That's a tale for another day.

He calls later, "Where is the camera? I would like to document this for you."
"I have it but the Nikon is in the desk and you have a camera in your cell phone." you know he didn't take one pix!!!!!

Again he calls,"I need boxes! Why do we have so much crap?"
And that was that.....I had no answer for that.....I'm not the one that goes to the Auctions and buys it!!!

He calls.....This time it's just to torture me, "I have back door wide open and I haven't seen one cat!"
Not with him jumpin' around dancin' and makin' all sorts of messes in the kitchen!!
But Scooter bolts every time.....And Monster makes a run for the Wild every so often......George is a hunter...he could be 3 miles away by the time I get home.......UGH!!!!!!
The kittens are under the bed....I know them well enought to know they totally lose it when the door is open!!! They are okay!!

Some time later he calls. "Where is the cleaner?"
For the love of all that is good and holy does he not live in the same house as me????

Lots of time has passed and I haven't heard a peep from him.....and then, "Quick!! Call the lumberyard and see if they are open....Call me right back!!"

OH!!!!! MY!!!!!! GOD!!!!!! WHAT????????????

That one he never explained to me.....I think he just does that shit to mess with me....payback for throwin' his supper to the dogs!

His last phone call of the day to me was at 3:30. "I would love to chat with you but I have to get home and crawl around under the have a dirt floor now......and look for the cats. I haven't seen them all day!! Love ya!"

When I got home at 5:20....I took pictures and video.....and hunted all my babies down.... all were tucked away sweetly sleepin' under the bed!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's Bad!

Yep! It is!
Something like 600 homes are involved.....shelters are set up.....roads closed. In the past I haven't been allowed to the office.....But here I I don't know where the closed roads are.

And it's not over yet....the water is not expected to stop raisin' until tomorrow morning.

Let me tell I have heard some HUGE rumors!

A dam broke....not true.
A huge 35 foot wave is comin'.....soooo not true!!
Free animal shelter set up along side the RedCrossShelter...true!
The National Guard is on the scene....true!

And in other news....Roy is at home rippin' up my kitchen floor in an attempt to fix the hole!!

I'm glad I'm at work!
These little projects of his are costly, messy, and if I am there, I just get yelled at....Hey if you want to do it that way and regret it later....go right ahead....and I'm always right!!!
He has alread called 3 times...once to say he hasn't seen not one cat since he started!

They better not be outside!!!

Have a great day and fabulous 4th of July!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Time To Strap On the Waders!!

Every one here is in FloodMode!
One man compared it to Y2K......mass quanities of toilet paper and other stuff like that.
One man didn't want to go out to WalMart for fear of gettin' caught up in that crap!
This time it's's move out or go under.....time to move the furniture...bunk up with family on high ground!
I have gotten several calls....they range from "Are you under water?" to "Is the road closed?" to "Can you take care of my pets?"

The latter fits.....I take care of the pets!

There went a mattress off a truck....why do people think the mattress will stay on????

My home, is on a hill! So I'm okay.

There they go again....Oh that will do it.....just hold on to it with your hand out the window!!!! Moron!!!

Okay now what.....they are slammin' on the breaks out front......Sorry, no clue.
It looks like Hillbillies movin' out to Beverly!! Hills that is....swimmin' pools and moviestars....Sorry!

I feel for those that have to evacutate....I sure wouldn't want to do it!
I hope the only thing they lose is some crappy furniture.