Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wise Words From the Old Man!

Put the Pigs on hold....And any ass kickin' must wait.....Roy sorta put it all into prospective for me....and friend sorta "slapped me" with a comment.

Roy listened to the whole thing.
And then said, "He has never been anything but polite to us. Has he ever said anything outta line to you in private?"
"Up until 2 weeks ago, he had never put 2 and 2 together, putting you with me. You are just a person he knows works at the VetClinic."
I have had his son in my car after school. I picked him and the BossMan's son up once. He waved and smiled.
"So after makin' a statement like that, maybe his hands were tied. He is caught up in the same system that we are in and he can't do anything about it."
That could be true!
"You need to let it go."
It's not easy some days but we will laugh and love...and live it up despite it all!!


Proto said...


Oh, just tied up, not gagged.

Dawn said...

oh come on...what was the comment...

mannyed said...

Ok, now I'm completely lost. But Roy sounds like a wise old..err..young man. :o)