Saturday, June 30, 2007


We must take a moment of silence.....that StupidFish died.
Friday afternoon it was official....the doc said so...."the gills aren't moving."

Rest in Peace, StupidFish!

So as I sat there while MrsBullMoose had her Trrrreatment, I talked with a young woman who was very knowledgeable about the Native American culture.
I learned a lot....and time flew by.
It's normally quite boring sittin' there. It's one of those holistic medicine shops...more stuff that I don't get....but to each his own.
And it has a funky odor...I'm used to cat pee and dog poop so that place reeks of all natural stuff!!!
So when it's time to go...I'm ready!!
I waited by the door....mindin' my own business....while MrsBullMoose schmoozed her way around....I blocked out most all that crap.....until I heard my name!

Like a little poodle my ears perk up....did some one mention me???

I looked around the room and all eyes are on me....What the hell was said???
Of course, I maintained my smile and just nodded my head as all blonde women do when they just wake up to the conversation....but one set of eyes was burnin' into me!! That one woman was lookin' straight at me....with a cocky grin.
I felt guilty!!
For things I had done....for things I didn't do.....things I shoulda!!!
I felt guilty!!!
All thoses things flooded into my brain.....Could she see what I was seein'??

Did she have "Those" powers to see all that stuff???

I snapped to when MrsBullMoose said, "Oh, she could earn extra money pretty easy!"

They are talkin' about sex!!
Huge Load off my Mind!!!!

I laughed it off and said something about Roy wouldn't like it if I did.
And that woman, one burnin' a hole into my soul, said, "Oh I know some chubby strippers."


Now thems fightin' words!!!

You can talk to me all day long about earnin' extra cash on my back or strippin' for a livin' but CHUBBY!!!!!!!!!
She had lost 70 pounds herself.....she would need to lose 70 more to get to my size!!!
Call me, Chubby!!!!

It's a damn good thing that SuperMoodyBitch wasn't with me!!
There woulda been a killin'!!

Still with a smile, "Hey, to each his own! Rock what you got!!"

I had a Shockin' Trrreatment and I didn't ask for it!


jeankfl said...

RIP stupid fish! *moment of silence* OK.. now. I love that your pony ran off with you on him!! Sounds like a damn Shetland! I got thrown exactly the same way once!! When they get it in their heads to stop..they put 'er in "park"!! Just wish he'd a told me!! I landed on my back, in a VERY small creek, looking up at the damn horse!
At least they thought you could earn a livin strippin! That's better than thinkin' you'd do it, but couldn't earn your keep!lol Good one..

MizAngie said...

Well,it's kinda like when an ugly guy flirts with ya... You don't really like it but it's still a compliment. Your tits were hangin' out again, weren't they? Damn, Nadine, strap those things in before you start scaring little children!

karla said...

Pony running off.. see that is why my ass stay firmly planted in a chair where it belongs..if I need movement..I sit in a rocking chair.. I don't care what people say those animals have brain and we are NOT in control. If god had wanted me on the back of an animal I would have been born there.

Sounds like she was jealous that she did not have you fab bod and she could not be the stripper...I say swing around that pole one for all of us!!!!

Proto said...

She can chub dis.

Mannyed said...

Noooo Stupidfish! Wake up!

Damn, I wish SuperMoodyBitch was around to knock ChunkyGirl on her big chunky ass.

Beth said...

sending you an email !!!!

Sherrie said...

Okay.......I think we should break out the Tequila and dance at the wake.......dear ole StupidFish....he was a great source of entertainment, hehe!

Chubby???? So was she sort of a brave soul or just stupid??? Either way, she's damn lucky SuperMoodyBitch stayed home!