Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What a Freakin' NightMare!!!!!

Okay, so I had this dream last night about my ex-hubby, Earl Lee.
He died!
Some sorta work accident...which would never happen...he's too lazy to have an accident!
We were all gathering for his funeral and like normal, I was slingin' orders and makin' sure that everyone knew where to go....Where is his wife??
The girls went in the family car but I took my grandson and my grandpa...who in reality HATES Earl Lee...but seems to love him in my dream....ahead to the church......He would never have a church funeral.....but in my dream he does!!
We arrive at the church and sit in one of the rows reserved for family...the second row....and there are all these people....I never knew Earl Lee knew so many people!
Stands to reason he had so many freakin' jobs...9 a year!!!
I lost a house becuz of him!!!
Anyway...all these people were truckers....Earl Lee is a truck driver.....but they looked more like hooligans....rabid BritishSoccer fans.....and they took over the first row
My daughters are supposed to sit there!!
Somebody needs to jerk a knot in their tails!!!
Where is his wife?????
They were all over the the right....moving chairs....behind the casket....just makin' themselves t' home!
Then some one behind me says, "Little Mary isn't gonna dance at the funeral."
I was told I couldn't dance on his casket!!!
And who is Little Mary???
And all the people began to settle down and on the stage....yep a stage....was JeffProbst! I elbow Roy, "It's that guy from Survivor! How does he know Earl Lee?"
Where is his wife?
And then it happened.....the spotlight went to center stage and there she was.....Rosie O'Donnell!!!
With BobBarker's skinny microphone!!!!!!!
She starts crackin' jokes and reads the list of survivors, askin' them to stand and wave to the crowd!!!
Oh, This isn't good....why isn't his wife girls are in the back of the room becuz of all those hooligans...One daughter stands shyly and waves...the other won't budge!
And then sin of all sins.....Rosie picks a fight with PoorLilElizabeth....who was sittin' in the VIP section with this point, I do not care where his wife is....I have had enough!

I am cleanin' her clock!
I hand my grandson to Roy and go thru the first row throwin' hooligans while the rest all ducked for cover....I was goin' for Rosie!!
I woke up just as my hands were on her throat!!

I swear to you that I haven't had a drink since Sunday!!!!!

Anyone???? Ideas?????


VENTL8R said...

Put the bottle of tequila down and slowly back away.


That tops any messed up unexplainable dream I've ever had!

mannyed said...

holy crap! that is the funniest freaking blog I think I ever read. Nadine! Stope reading the MSN Entertainment page before bed!! Damn, I wish I had your dreams! You crack me up, girl.

Proto said...

blink, blink
Go for the throat, girl!

Kendra said...

if this is how it is when you haven't had a drink, clearly you, me and the Captain have some catching up to do. I'll be right over, make sure the Coke is cold...

Susan said...

You need Help!! FReak.. Lol. I'm just kidding.. I think we all have weird dreams like that but shhhhh Nadine, your not supposed to tell people about them.. That was so funny tho..