Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday...Wasn't So Bad!

I've had better!

Started out early...6Am! I had cats playin' all around me all night long. I woke up with one on my hip growlin' and swattin' the others away...."Let Her sleep!"
Roy compromised with me, "If they start being mean, we'll leave early!"

My brain was a ginnin' as fast as it could to come up with something to provoke them!!
Roy's mother says to his brother, "Thank you for comin' over every day to check on us. You don't have to do that." She turns to me, "Roy would do that if he LIVED NEARBY." I just smiled, "No he wouldn't."

But I was not the biggest bitch in the doghouse!!
Roy's mother's sister....OMG!!!
I pale in comparison!
If she wasn't talkin' my ear off she was bitchin' about the restuarant!
Or the food!
Or the amount of food!
Or the cost of food!!

Roy's brother left a 3pm....I started poutin'!!! We left at 4! We made it home by 7 and was ready for the Soprano's!!
Which was for the best....Tivo doesn't live in our house.
WE rely on the VCR!
Which was programmed to go record, but managed to get home in time to watch it.
We let the VCR do it's thing anyway....and thru some major screw up despite all the double checkin'....I managed to tape the PlayboyChannel instead!!!

So there we were watchin' the Soprano's with a storm pushin' across the area, hopin' the Satellite isn't goin' to be cut off....or the power....when right at the end when I thought Tony was gonna get whacked in a brutal killin' in front of his children.....why were we watchin' Meadow park the car???
She looked like me tryin' to park.....but I just say fuck it and get out!!
Just as a we are watchin' that man get up and go to pull a gun out to kill Tony...only to go to the bathroom....Meadow rushes in the diner....the TV goes blank!!
Now Roy and I look at each other like was that the storm?????

But NOOOOOOOO.....The End!


Beth said...

Oh Man, they left you hanging at the end ...............i so hate that...........oh well , what can ya do.
Glad you survived the family gathering. I like the poem your friend left you , quite funny i must say !!!
Have a great rest of the day

Proto said...

Very strange ending. Millions of people all across the nation saying, did you sit on the remote? Even sports-talk was talking about it on the radio into work this morning...

Sherrie said...

I didn't watch it but on the radio station I listen to they were taking calls from those that did watch, asking what they thought of it. Sounds like a be me!

Storms.......eeekkk....did we ever drive through a nasty one on the way home from the family reunion lastnight, seriously, such a big ugly black cloud and horrendous winds, I spent the trip gritting my teeth, praying the trailer wouldn't topple over and take us with it!

Jeankfl said...

Boy, I'm glad that isn't one of my shows..I woulda been PI**ED! Man..have you all gotten the toadstranglers the last few days?? I was startin' to think we better start buildin' the Ark!! Sounds like you were very well behaved in OKC..good girl.LOL