Saturday, June 09, 2007

Something's Wrong!!!

I have Blogger's Block!!
Normally, my mind is racing 90 to nothing with all sorts of ideas but I got nothing!!
Chalk it up to lack of sleep......too much, that can be it.
I have a bad Sunday ahead of me....and an upset stomach....too much tequila????
And on top of not being able to sleep...when I did sleep, I had this weirdass dream about dead mice....What the Hell????
My InnerCat is outta whack!

Bad Sunday Ahead of's the OldFolks 60th Anniversary. That means a 3 hour trip down the turnpikes to OKC, to sit around stiff as a poker and bored outta my mind for how long I don't know!!!
But long enough to miss the LAST EPISODE of Sopranos....EVER!!!!!!!!!!
I have tried to come up the all sorts of reasons not to go but Roy just grins that StupidAss grin and says "No! If I go, you go!"
So let's just think about the up side of this.....I don't have to go to Texas to celebrate this 60th thing! The OldLady wanted to go to Texas.....she thinks it's God's Country....I envision God's Country as being a COOL 72 and NOT HUMID and NO FIRE Frickin' ANTS.....They used to own a cabin down there and we celebrated their 50th was extremely hot, humid, and those ants!!!
I don't have to serve 100's of guests!!
I don't have to bake anything!!! And we all know I CAN'T BAKE!!!
The OldLady is havin' a tizzy over it becuz we are not "Doin' it up right". I told Roy we just need to stand back and let it settle and throw some money at it far my plan is workin' quite well!

That's it!
That's all she wrote........


Susan said...

One word Nadine... TIVO!

MizAngie said...

My friend Nadine's in OK City,
Flashing a frown and prolly a titty.
She's missing her show on HBO,
But I hope she does have her TIVO.
For 60 years the old folks are married.
But going to the party makes Nadine harried.
Ya know what I think is really rich?
My friend Nadine is such a bitch!!

hahaha - Hope you're not tooooo miserable in OKC!!!

mannyed said...

my poor friend! i would send over some sympathies but i am too busy laughing at your Meez!