Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some Days....

You're the TopDog.....Some Days.....you're a Hydrant!!

And today is startin' out bad....I may as well cut off my finger nails now....they are just gonna break off.....some odd way....that hurts!!!

For months, I have had this on goin' battle with some chick in a red FordSUV. We leave to go to work at the same time...she speeds....Which doesn't bother me....it's her business.....and if she is behind me....she tailgates.
That bothers me!!! And is just more than I can take. She won't pass. The faster I drive the faster she drives...it drives me crazy!!!
I need breathin' room.
I may speed but I don't tailgate.....I try to only break one law at a time.
If some critter runs out onto the road and I need to take evasive action....like brake hard....I'm wearin' that piece of shit Ford!!!
The forth time she tailgated me...for me that is a HUGE step in friendly relations with the public...I slammed on the brakes.....she got the idea and backed off.
One day, I come around DeadMan's Curve to find her sittin' there waitin' to pull out......OH GREAT!!
Now I have to have that bitch on my ass all the way to town!!!
That must have been the look on my face when we locked eyes....and I have a very expressive face....the BossMan calls it Pissy......becuz she kept her distance.
And I thought, Good Girl!! She's learnin'.
Roy listens to all this and his wise words were, "Leave at a different time so you don't have to be on the road with her."
So I did.
I get to work early enough not to be on the road with her!!
So today, as I pass by a C-Store, I saw the Deacon's Wife comin' out....I knew she would be right behind me.
As I got out of my car, I caught a glimpse a red SUV.....that's the Deacon's Wife...I wave!!

BUT NO....It's that Chick!!!!

And she's lookin'....at me....wavin' at her.....mystified!!!

Oh Great!!!!
Now she probably thinks I want to be friends!!!
Have coffee together......do each other's hair!!!!!

And there goes the Deacon's Wife right behind her!!!

Seriously, where is the nail trimmers??? I should just cut them off now!!!!


Beth said...

OMG that is too funny, you just cant win sometimes huh !! Tell Roy you are just going to have to quit working so you dont have to deal with the woman in the red SUV !!!

Proto said...

Have you seen the new Die Hard movie yet? What are you waiting for?

MizAngie said...

Girrrrrl, I thought I was gonna have to whip some ass in Dallas last weekend. This guy in front of me pissed me off first by driving about ten mph under the limit. THEN, at a light, he turns around and starts digging cds outta the back seat. So I politely tapped my horn after the light turned green and he sat there about 45 seconds. He flipped me off! He screwed up but he flipped ME off!! I raised one hand at him as if to ask, "WHAT?" Instead of speeding up he moves over to the passing lane. Idiot. As I went by him he tried to glare at me as if he were gonna do something so I gave him that same pissy look you described. I'm good at it, too. (We must be sisters from different mothers.)