Friday, June 01, 2007

The RainGods Hate Me!! Part 3

Tuesday, There was a 60% chance of was pretty gray and never rain one drop!!! My car sat in the heat all day long with the windows up!!
Wednesday, There was 60% chance of rain....but the sun was shinin'.....10:30 I rolled the windows down! 11:00 I rolled them back up....I chickened out!! It was rainin' like a cow pissin' on a flat rock by 2:00!!!
Thursday, beautiful sunny skies!!! Humid as Hell!!
Friday, it's been rainin' since 4AM!!! A real ToadStrangler!!!!
The RainGods Hate Me!!!!!!

Nope! I have learned you get a whole lot further with men if you smile and show some cleavage...than to throw a Slap-On them!
The Service Manager could see that TheBoy had met his match and was fixin' to get killed so he took over. "Come with me and I see what I can do."
It was all I could do not to stick my tongue out at TheBoy!
But...funny thing.....the Service Manager looks awhole lot like the man who's wife gave me a lap dance at a concert!!! She was boobs got in the way....."Are those real?" poke poke.....he got embarrassed and left.....but she stayed....friendly thing!!!

Anyway.....the window switch, it cost me $225.00 to get it fixed!
On Monday they put in the part and on Thursday.....

I decided to fill the car up with gas and get tokens for the drive thru car wash...It needed a bath. It had been thru a lot lately and needed a treat! I drove over to the car wash bay and powered down the window and dropped the tokens in and powered the window back up....all was well!!!

I was quite happy with how things were turnin' out! The car wash sprayer arm went around once and water came in the car!!! I must not have gotten a good seal! I power it down about 3 inches and pushed the button to go back up and NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!

OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!
By now the spray arm was at the side....I couldn't see to back up.....what if some one was behind me???????

Oh Shit!!!!!!!
I couldn't go forward becuz now the spray arm was in front of me!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Shit!!!!
I did what all good women do!!! I held up my towel to block as much of the water was I could and took it in the face!!!! The minute I could get past the arm I put it in 1st and drove out!!!!

Do you know that they have alarms at the car wash??????

whoop whoop whoop "LOOK AT THE IDIOT THAT JUST TOOK IT IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!" whoop whoop whoop

I was hot!!! BEYOND MAD!!! I could see me drivin' straight down to the Chevy Dealer and reamin' out a couple of mechanics!
I was Wet!!!!! You know mad as a wet hen sorta thing!!
I bailed out of that car and immediately started wipin' everything down.....water was clear to the other seat, All over the dash, and in the back seat........AND ON MY NEW $225 POWER SWITCH!!!!!!!!!

I pushed it just hard enough while wipin' it off.....and it went up!!!!!!

Roy said, "I hope you learned something from this."

"Never ever use the drive thru car wash!! Or trust those bozos at the Chevy Dealer!"

He rolled his eyes....I don't think that was the lesson I was supposed to learn!

The RainGods Won!! I Give up!!!


mannyed said...

I don't know, maybe it is that raingods that hate you, but then again...i think your car might be playing you. hmm...

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
Hmmmm...I'm thinking (after reading your last 3 blogs) that you might have a little "mentalpause" ( going on here!! I'm not quite sure how old you are; since you are perpetually Your "sweating shins" might not be from the could be the dreaded "Hot Flashes"!! I once had a doctor tell me that hot flashes are a good thing...recharging batteries, or something stupid like that, is what he said...I'm really surprised that he came out of that with his life still
Anyhow...hope they can fix your window...that sucks!!

Kendra said...

isn't that just the way of it? My tailgate window motor took a sh!t some time ago and while it's up it makes the back of the bronco USELESS. But not so useless I'll cough up $400 for Ford to fix it!

MizAngie said...

Gina's right. Your precious car has made you its bitch.

I made the last payment on my little vehicle last week so I'm expecting it to all go to shit any minute now...