Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Man's Trash is My Treasure!

Okay enough bitchin....

When Roy strutted into my a peacock on a Turquoise and White Harley, he instantly thought that I needed to be put high on a pedestal....I'm gonna let him, and he carries me around on a pink satin Goose-down pillow still to this day! He tries to make all my dreams some true.....I am so spoiled!

I was bitchin'......aaahh...casually mentioned......once that I wanted some new furniture. His love seat is a piece of shit!
"I like my love seat! It's comfortable!", he retorts.
It was cream colored but thru 3 kids and umpteen bazillion cats and dogs and Roy, it's more of a dirt color.
And after one wrestlin' match that some how involved food, the arm is broken...the kids were really tough on the furniture!
And it has a good coat of hair.....I hate it!

"Wouldn't you like a big ol' leather lazy-boy recliner?" Something not bought at an auction.
"It matches Your couch!"

Well now, that was the point of gettin' rid of his love seat....I would get rid of my couch!

Hold that thought.....

He likes to go to estate auctions....the manly kind where there are manly things like tools....his obsession with tools is about like mine with shoes.....though he has more!

And there is NO DEAL beneficial to me!

At these auctions, we usually come home with all kinds of house is furnished in Late American Crap!

Lots of end tables and dressers.....that are just full of clothes!!
We have some very nice pieces...none of it matches!
He has brought home all sorts of thingamabobs that I have no clue...nor does he....he just wanted it.

He once bought me a rockin' chair....two for the back porch and one that sits in the living has clothes in it.

The one on the back porch some how was put upstairs a couple of years ago....he didn't want someone comin' to rob our house to take my chair....his heart is in the right place.

They have stolen the lawn furniture.....which was bought at an was built in 1922.....right off my front porch!!
I was workin' on it.....a project that lasted 3 years.....and day, it was gone!!!
Roy thought that maybe the neighbors could see the potential in it and thought they could use as I hadn't touched it years.

Damn those neighbors!!!

I told him that if I ever see it sittin' someone's yard, I am takin' it back!!
To which he replied, "Don't hold your breath!"
That is his story and he is stickin' to it!!!

I have seen the other rocker's under a pile of clothes.

But where were new piece of furniture!!

He bought me a buffet!! It's a nice piece.
"You said you wanted new furniture!"

Matchin' pieces that smell new!!

He didn't say how much he paid for it.....I don't want to know those things.

We spent most of the weekend rearrangin' my computer desk.....bought at an my new buffet would fit in with the rest of the junk.....Late American Crap!


mannyed said...

some people pay good money for Late American Crap. You might be sitting on a gold mine!! :o)

Beth said...

can you say e-bay LOL start selling and buy furniture LOL

Proto said...

New crap is cool.
I hate when old crap 'disapears'.
Like three little crap BBQ's have flown the coop...

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadine! You know what I love about you? I love the way you type with ..... 's all the time. I do that too.. I have to really watch myself or my entire entry could be .... hehe..... <----see....
Ok. I'm goofy this afternoon..


Deborah said...

I know I have to post pictures, and that will come in time, but right now I'm babying my computer. I like the new look with your collage however, so I am inspired.
Blessed Be

Karla said...

At least you have some kind of "crap" that belongs to you .. all mine as of today is hand me downs that should have been put out to the garbage.. but since i have nothing...

I did also stop by to tell you that MSN sucks and I have given that page up .. I have moved to a nice little new home that does not give me a lot of trouble when I am trying to update.. I hope to see you .. will be back again tomorrow after work....