Monday, June 25, 2007

Mysteries of Life and Other Things That Piss Me Off!

What part of a Red light do some people not get???

It means to stop. PERIOD. STOP!

That lil ol' yellow light means to slow down....use caution..... becuz it will be shortly turning RED!!!!
You Freak!!!! NOT SPEED UP!!!!

My light is a gourd....and I am by God goin'!

Mark it in your books...Green, I GO!

And yet I am stopped! Becuz your freakin' ass is in the middle of the intersection!!!!

Don't sit there and look at me like I am in the wrong....I am not in the middle of the intersection blockin' freakin' traffic and runnin' a redlight!!!!!!

Have people forgotten all manners when it comes to phones??? I'm not talkin' about cell phones and all the rudeness that goes with them...but the those people that do not say Good Bye when the conversation is over!!
I have been hung up on SEVERAL TIMES....I had no idea that we were just went dead!!!
Once....I was still talkin'!!!!!!!

Why, oh please tell me, why can't I capitalize the numbers????

Do you have any idea HOW manys times I have been typin' along and want to emphasize numbers only to look up and see %%&&(&...What the hell????


mannyed said...

The Twin just hangs up the phone...sooo annoying! He says that's his signature good bye. Pfft! Half the time I'm still talking.

MizAngie said...

The only time I hang up without a goodbye is when I'm pissy, which seems to be happening more and more lately. Ha! I'm SURE you'll find this hard to believe but there are some people who think I'm a bitch. ???? Ftupid suckers.

Sherrie said...

I have to admit I hung up on the manchild the other night. He swore he'd be home early, I must have dozed for MAYBE 5 minutes. In that time (since his muffler fell off his car)he had snuck home via the back alley, car in neutral so it didn't make as much noise, tiptoed in the back door and down the stairs. I awoke, saw the time, didn't realize I had been asleep, phoned his cell and started hollaring at him, he answers calmly "Mom....if you hadn't fallen asleep, you'd know I'm already home" was then that I realized I was hearing his voice in stereo, over the phone, and coming up from the basement LOL, I hung up mad anyway teehee....hey I'm the Mom I'm allowed!

MzNadine.......if you're on the cruise, and have a bottle of takillya waiting for me, I'll fly anywhere!


VENTL8R said...

Is the pull of tide just not quite right today, Nadine?